Ohio musician Shannon celebrates drinking

Mark Lee Shannon got out of the camp trailer, stood on the desert soil of Joshua Tree National Park, swirled with a computer, and was able to catch a glimpse of the landscape in a recent interview.

Early morning sunshine lit the horizon, and Shannon embarked on a seven-mile hike at cool 61 degrees after admiring moments of natural beauty.

For musicians in northeastern Ohio, the new day symbolized his personal rebirth when he celebrated seven years of drinking.

Shannon, a longtime member of Michael Stanley’s backing band The Resonators, is celebrating the release of his new album, Lucky 7, this month at and It can be obtained from /.

“I … if I said I was sitting here eight years ago and preparing to release my second record calmly for seven years (from Joshua Tree), I’m celebrating that whole feeling. Shannon is Airstream. “And it was an addictive illness until I finally admitted that I had a medical problem that needed to be treated.

“Number. 1, I had to go into a long period of abstinence. I had to get treatment and counseling. And I help people like me People like me Had to join the group. “

Michael was a friend

Shannon opened for rock stars such as Pat Benatar at the Canton Palace Theater in September and The Wallflowers at the Kent Stage earlier this month.

But his strongest connection to music ranks is the legend of northeastern Ohio, with his national success and the late Michael Stanley, who once performed three consecutive sold-out concerts at the Blossom Music Center. bottom.

“Angle wasn’t working,” Shannon said of Stanley. “It wasn’t exaggerated, it was completely credible. He was a man from northeastern Ohio who happened to be a songwriter we all grew up with. He was the same as us.”

Shannon remains true to Stanley’s memory. As a guitarist at The Resonators, he participated in a series of shows titled “Michael Stanley, Among My Friends Again” at the MGM Northfield Park Center Stage from December 3rd to 5th, specially with Resonators members. Featuring guest Jonah Koslen.

According to Live Nation, the first two shows sold out earlier than any concert in the history of the venue.

However, for concerts from December 3rd to 4th, resale tickets will continue to be available through Ticketmaster. For more information, please visit https: //

Tickets for the December 5th show will continue to be available at

“I’m happy to be promoted from Junior Varsity to Varsity,” Shannon said of his role at the tribute show. “I can sing some of Michael’s hits. That’s a really serious responsibility for me.”

Akron natives are hosting a solo acoustic show at The Still House in Gervasi Vineyard, Canton, Sunday from 7pm to 10pm.

The album release party will be held on March 5th at the Akron Civic Theater. For ticket information, please visit / shows / 374.

For more information on his upcoming performances, please visit / shows or

Stark County Connection

Ryan Humbert of The Shootouts, a member of the retro country and Americana band living in North Canton, produced “Lucky 7”.

“It’s a fun record, not a very serious one,” Shannon said. “There are lots of fun and bright songs, and (and) lots of soulful songs, because it’s northeastern Ohio.”

According to Shannon, Humbert provided a stable hand for new materials in the studio.

“It’s a really good collaboration because Ryan helps me get over the artist’s perfect syndrome. I think many of us have it,” he said. “… You got it, leave it alone” or “No, we’re not there yet” to someone else, really very trustworthy It’s really good to have someone. Creative people — having other perspectives, especially when you trust them. “

“The intention of this record was to actually incorporate these songs I wrote during the pandemic … and imagine going back to the late 1960s and taking a really soulful approach. Please, “Shannon added.

The bonus track “Steady On” is a homage to Stanley and through a podcast at in a recovery community that helps and encourages those who are working towards drinking and those who maintain it. This is a kind of call for Shannon’s efforts. And in the column, “Simple Chronicle”.

“Presence in the music scene”

Shannon also sought the help of other musicians in the region in creating classic rock and blues-influenced records, including members of the popular Youngstown-based band The Vindys.

“We were a little scared when we first learned that Mark played with (Michael Stanley), and about his history as a session guy in Los Angeles, and his career in corporate music. “That’s right,” said Jackie Popovek, lead singer of the Windy’s. “But one of the most humble and kind people I’ve ever met, Shannon has a big presence in the music scene in the region.”

Popovec adds her unique voice to the cover of Bad Company’s hit “Rock Steady”.

“I put some call and response style vocals in the song, leaving space for a great driving groove, and I think it turned out to be great in the end,” she said. “Mark’s version is very slightly similar to the original song in a very good way.

“As I’ve heard before, it’s very easy to reverse the notes on a cover song, but Mark really arranged and sang this song in a unique way,” Popovek added. “He has an instinct as a musician and writer, and I’m happy to be part of it.”

“I don’t have much time left.”

“Lucky 7” was recorded against the backdrop of Stanley’s death in March at the age of 72.

“So, as we progressed along the course of aging, we realized that we didn’t have endless time to do or do what we wanted to do with the people you love.” Said Shannon. “I think I was keenly aware during this record … I don’t have much time left.”

Like the album itself, the song “Steady On” bridges both Shannon’s recovery from alcoholism and the loss of his mentor. The title of the song shows how he approved the column about recovery. “Old phrases in Japanese culture fall seven times and wake up eight times.”

Jennifer Lee’s harmonious vocals, a quiet and inspirational song, began early in the morning with a simple acoustic riff as Shannon relaxed with his dog and had a cup of coffee.

Soon he pitched it to Stanley. Stanley briefly said, “Let’s move on,” a few days later.

Around the same time, Stanley was diagnosed with cancer, Shannon recalled. After being reluctant at first, at Humbert’s suggestion, he completed the song without his deceased friends and bandmates.

Shannon explained that “Steady On” celebrates the loss of both Stanley and those who died in COVID-19. His voice softened.

“We have seen great suffering for those leaving this planet, and that was really what the song was-just remember me when I left.”

Mark Lee Shannon will record vocals in the studio for his new album “Lucky 7” released earlier this month.

Marc Lee Shannon, a musician from northeastern Ohio with a background in the Los Angeles music scene, works in the studio for his album, Lucky 7, released earlier this month.

Mark Lee Shannon (left) and Michael Stanley will perform together. Shannon has been a member of Stanley’s backing band The Resonators for about 25 years.

Reminds me of Michael Stanley on my new album

Ohio musician Shannon celebrates drinking

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