Ohio Nicole Riegel’s feature horror opens

Nicole Riegel, a filmmaker and Ohioan, is fed up with the Appalachian Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains that she sees in movies and in the media.Her movie HorrorHitting theaters across the country on Friday may straighten that record.

“I have tips on my shoulders about movies made about Appalachia’s hometown, because many of them are made by people who have never actually visited Ohio’s hometown. “Riegel says. “Girls like me are rarely given the opportunity to hide behind the camera and control the story, which is why Appalachians such as Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky have a reputation. I think.”

Reigel’s coming-of-age film follows Ruth, played by the explosive Jessica Barden. On the verge of graduating from high school, Ruth struggles to find a way to lead a better life for himself.

Growing up in Jackson, Ohio, Rigel wanted to make life like himself more realistic to the world.

“I lived it, so I want to make a movie about my life,” she says. “I wanted to talk about my pursuit of education and why it’s so difficult for me to go to college. This teacher may have discouraged me when I was 17 years old. I didn’t realize it wasn’t because this individual wants to make life easier for me. It’s not malicious. They just think they’re doing the right thing. “

Looking back on her experience, she understands the greater meaning of her experience.

“I couldn’t access FAFSA, grants or programs because no one told me. And why didn’t they tell me? Because they didn’t expect it from me. And , I began to recognize all these systems and said that I needed to make a movie about this being, about Ruth’s being, so that others could see it. “

To remain credible, Rigel photographed the area in which he grew up.

“I shot it in my hometown of Jackson, Ohio, in neighboring counties such as Ross County and Chillicothe, and throughout southeastern Ohio,” she says. “It’s very important that someone like me sit at a Hollywood table and make a movie like this: HorrorIt does not mean that I present everything in positive light, but in fair light and empathic light. And that’s why I went home to make it.Does not have a sound stage Horror.. Horror This is Appalachia. “

Few movies honestly portray American poverty —Nomads, Little Woods, Winter Bones And Frozen river Among them — but Rigel says these excellent films didn’t make it easy for her to get. Horror Funding.

“It was a difficult movie to get off the ground,” she says. “Some of them are that people in Hollywood and other circles don’t like social realism too much. One of the reasons it rubs people the wrong way is that it’s not meritocracy. It’s a reminder that it can make people sick about their lives and how they live it, but when I see it Winter bones Or Ken Loach movies and Andrea Arnold, I feel watched.And it was very difficult to raise money Horror Many people who fund movies rarely live like these movies. “

But that only makes it more important Horror Can be seen. What does Rigel want viewers to take away from her film?

“If they can take only one thing, it is a very different, richer and richer portrait of Appalachian and Appalachian women, and I hope where I came from.” She says. “I hope people watch the movie in the area and feel,’OK, someone finally made the movie, but they didn’t make fun of us.’ “

Rigel thinks there is something in the movie for those who don’t see himself HorrorAlso.

“I hope people see it and say,’Wow, there’s a sense of humor.’ There is warmth there. I understand this system a little more. It’s not just older, white, straight, conservative men. I feel it is missing. It’s lacking in story movies. Not in the media.I want Horror This is to provide a more positive and realistic portrait to the library of stories about the region. “

Horror It will open at the Drexel Theater Gateway Film Center this weekend. For tickets and show times, please visit: drexel.net And Gatewayfilmcenter.org..

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Ohio Nicole Riegel’s feature horror opens

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