Ohio Senate budget includes restrictions on abortion providers

Abortion is currently legal in Ohio until 20 weeks after pregnancy.

Columbus, Ohio — The Senate passed a version of the state budget on Wednesday. This includes new regulations on abortion providers that claim to be medically unnecessary and backdoor efforts to restrict access.

State law now requires “abortion surgery facilities” (outpatient surgery centers, including abortion providers) to: Create a written agreement With a local hospital outlining an emergency patient transfer protocol.

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However, the facility can request a green light from the State Health Director appointed by the Governor. Differences from these agreements, As long as they prove that they have made other arrangements with a local doctor who has admission privileges at a local hospital.

The new budget, announced on Tuesday, adds new hurdles for providers to clear. They include:

  • Hospitals with admission privileges must be within a 25 mile radius of the facility. (Current law requires facilities to provide information about travel times between facilities and hospitals, but there are no restrictions.)
  • Doctors cannot teach or teach in medical school.
  • Physicians should actively practice clinical care within a 25-mile radius of the facility.

Laurel Powell, a spokesman for Planned Parenthood Advocates in Ohio, said these restrictions were not medically necessary and acted as a masked attack on access to abortion.

“Once again, they’re budgeting something that has nothing to do with the budget that affects abortion in Ohio,” she said.

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Senator Matt Huffman, R-Lima, told reporters that the amendment “corrected” the Ohio Department of Health’s failure to consider travel time between doctors, available hospitals, and the facility itself. He said he considered it.

He said the purpose of the law was to protect the women involved, and “getting four doctors to sign a piece of paper” would not alleviate concerns.

In the budget, “Parenting and pregnancy programIs within the Jobs and Family Services division. Well known as “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”, these clinics are clearly aimed at To discourage pregnant women from having an abortion, And their critics blame them for deceptive practices.

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Also on Wednesday, the Senate Commission began considering a “live-born” abortion bill that criminalizes doctors’ inaction in “failures to have an abortion.” State data shows a fairly rare event..

Abortion is currently legal in Ohio until 20 weeks after pregnancy.

The budget passed the Senate on a party line with 25-8 votes. The House and Senate need to adjust the proposed budget before sending the final product to the governor.

Ohio Senate budget includes restrictions on abortion providers

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