Ohio Stadium staffing and protocol changes announced

The university had multiple issues with new digital tickets and parking passes during home openers.

Columbus, Ohio — The Ohio State University Athletics Department lists changes aimed at improving the number of days played at Ohio Stadium for the rest of the season after a problem occurred during a match in Oregon last weekend. Was announced.

Some fans were delayed in entering the stadium due to multiple issues with new digital tickets and parking passes during the home opener, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, staff numbers, and the learning curve for the new scanner.

In a Wednesday announcement, the university said it would increase the staff and volume of metal detectors and ticket scanners.

  • Ensure additional engineering support in the field from your department’s WiFi partner to monitor and manage all connections through access points within the stadium.
  • With 27 additional staff, we added 27 pedestal ticket scanners to the few gates with the most traffic. Currently, Ohio Stadium has 147 pedestal scanners.
  • Distribute 80 additional handheld ticket scanners to the gate for use as backup scanners.
  • Increase the number of metal detectors at South Stand Gate, add police and stadium security to this location, and change the scan and input layout.
  • Hard-wire concession registers to accommodate mobile orders, stay online, and increase the number of concession workers.When
  • We will continue to educate and communicate new protocols and changes this week through social media, media relations and other means.

We also provided the following information to our fans:

Load your ticket into your mobile wallet

One of the most important and aggressive steps fans can take to assist in the entrance process at the gate is a mobile ticket before arriving at the stadium, as was the case with 66% of tickets scanned last week. Is to load into your iPhone or Google Pay wallet. (Once you access the ticket, use the official Ohio State Backeyes app or your phone’s web browser.[AppleWalletに追加/ Google Payに追加]Click the button. ) This greatly assists the process and ensures that the ticket is available as no WiFi is required to access the ticket from the mobile wallet.

Digital Ticket Guide: https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/digital-ticketing-guide/

Here’s how to scan your phone on the pedestal

Mobile tickets are easy to manage and eliminate fraud. Last week the number of 97.8% tickets was scanned via mobile devices and there were no cases of fraud. There are two ways fans can scan tickets with a pedestal ticket scanner.

If your mobile ticket has a barcode, simply scan the dynamic barcode at the bottom of the ticket pedestal screen.

If you don’t have a barcode and are using a “tap and go” ticket in your mobile wallet, tap the icon at the top of the pedestal scanner on the back of your phone.

Please put your ticket in your mobile phone wallet before arriving at the stadium.

Please display your ticket or barcode “up” on your mobile phone before passing through the metal detector.

The ticket office troubleshooting booth is behind Gates 5, 11, 14, North Rotunda, and the South Stand for those with problems.

Do you have a mobile phone? Tickets can be printed at the Schottenstein Center ticket office (1-800-GOBUCKS) from Thursday before the home game. Please see the ticket troubleshooting booth on the day of the match.

official Ohio State Back Eyes App An easy way to manage your tickets and parking.Download the app from App Store When Google play..

There is work on campus, so please allow enough time for your arrival and parking.

The gate opens 2 hours before kickoff. We recommend that all fans arrive early.

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Ohio Stadium staffing and protocol changes announced

Source link Ohio Stadium staffing and protocol changes announced

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