OhioHealth is vaccination of mobile clinics in the community

Ohio Health’s Mobile Vaccination Clinic recently Columbus CEO Healthcare Trailblazer-Organization category magazine “2022 Healthcare Heroes”. We are excited to be part of a group of individuals and organizations that are truly making a difference in central Ohio.You can see the complete list by click here..

When Ohio Health began vaccination of community members with COVID-19 in early 2021, 88% of those who received the vaccine for the first time were vaccinated from the Caucasian system. The need was clear. The vaccine is to make it available to people in the Color Community (CoC) and poorly serviced communities.

“We realized we had the opportunity to track data and serve to meet our needs,” said Karen Morrison, Chairman of the Ohio Health Foundation and Senior Vice President of the Ohio Health Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is stated in. Columbus CEO Reporter Tim Ferrand. “We had the resources and we were contacted by our community partners, so it took only a few days to get started.”

Ohio Health’s toolbox had powerful tools with nearly 30 years of mobile healthcare experience. The system was able to use that experience to quickly organize a mobile vaccine clinic, providing easy access to vaccines and education on vaccines and the COVID-19 virus itself.

“What made us better is that the team is not only clinically competent, but also culturally competent and able to meet people where they are,” Morrison said. Columbus CEO.. “This was very effective for people who generally have trust and other hesitation issues.”

“Move from 11.3% baseline [of the underserved population being vaccinated in February] By May, it will be 23.3 percent, “says RN’s Sonia Booker. Program Director of Mobile Vaccine Equity Project. “It was very rewarding. We couldn’t keep up with the demand. We had 60 appointments every Wednesday. It was furious and fast.”

Click on the logo below to read the full text of Columbus CEO. Congratulations to the entire mobile vaccine team that deserves this deserved recognition!

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OhioHealth is vaccination of mobile clinics in the community

Source link OhioHealth is vaccination of mobile clinics in the community

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