OhioHealthHospice grants patients ballroom dance wishes

At the age of 99, I saw and experienced many things. But for Virginia Bonsecourt, she wanted to go back to the era of big band and ballroom dancing.

Bonsecour is a patient Ohio Health Hospice, And they spent a lot of time knowing that she and she had loved for decades.

“Work is difficult and sometimes rewarding, but at the same time very rewarding. I think it’s really an honor to sit in front of a patient when they start talking.” Teresanir-Ohio Health Hospice Green Said.

And the Virginia story contained a tremendous love for dance.

“I started dancing with my dad from an early age,” Bonsecourt told NBC4.

That memory hasn’t diminished over the years.

“He was very tall, handsome and smooth. He was just great,” Bonsecourt told NBC4.

So the Ohio Health team worked to see how they could take their love for dance and make it happen again. The first question is what does Virginia want?

“If you had a bucket list, what would have been on your bucket list, and she said,’I want to do ballroom dancing again,'” Neil Green told NBC4. ..

That was all the team needed. They started asking around to see if anyone was willing to reopen their ballroom for Virginia at the end. E. Wilson Bridge Road’s Crystal Ballroom said so.

The story of Virginia seeing her father’s dance and love for dance was a story that Bonsecourt’s daughter Mary Williamson had never heard of.

“This is special because I found that the hospice was sitting there talking about her life and I didn’t know she was dancing in the living room with her father,” Mary said. ..

And that time has come. With her beautiful dress and perfect hair, it’s time for Virginia to return to the dance floor at the age of 99!

“It’s exciting,” she said. “Don’t make a fool of yourself … haha”

“I just want her to feel like she’s back in the past,” Williamson said. “Music, dancers, she loved watching dancers on TV.”

And on Saturday, the dancer took her to twirl under the crystal ball.

“I think it’s great for them to do this because they don’t have the opportunity the other way around,” Bonsecourt said.

If you would like to see the NBC4 video and story, please click on the logo below.

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OhioHealthHospice grants patients ballroom dance wishes

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