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Olympic Opening Ceremony: When?How to watch on TV online

Without fans, next week’s Olympic opening ceremony will look a little different this year.

The Washington-Tokyo Olympic Opening Ceremony will begin the International Sports Tournament on Friday, July 23rd.

This year’s Olympics The Summer Olympics have already been postponed for a year due to a pandemic and will be held without fans cheering from the stands. State of emergency was announced in Tokyo To combat the surge in COVID-19 cases.

Here’s what you need to know about the opening ceremony and how to watch it live on TV or online.

When is the opening ceremony of the Olympics?

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will be held on Friday, July 23rd. In Japan, it will start at 8 pm local time (7 am EST, 4 am EST).

Time difference between America and Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan, is 13 hours ahead of the east coast of the United States.

Where can I see the opening ceremony of the Olympics?

The NBC Olympics provide exclusive coverage of the game from start to finish. According to NBC, the event can be livestreamed from the NBC Sports app and

click here For live streams of events.

When will the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games be held on TV?

The Tokyo opening ceremony will also be broadcast live on NBC in all time zones, with coverage starting at 6:55 am (Eastern Standard Time) / 3:55 AM (Pacific Standard Time).

This is the first time NBC has broadcast a live broadcast in the morning of the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, the Golden Time broadcast of NBC’s opening ceremony will begin on Friday at 7:30 pm PST / 4:30 pm PST on television, the NBC Sports app, and

After that, NBC’s Golden Time broadcast will be played overnight.

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Opening Ceremony Theme

The theme of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is “Unified by emotionsAs the coronavirus pandemic continues, the goal of this event is to bring everyone together, despite being physically separated.

“At the opening ceremony, we reaffirmed the role of sports and the value of the Olympics, expressed our gratitude and praise for our collective efforts last year, and the future,” he said.

The theme of the closing ceremony is “The World We Share”.

Where is the opening ceremony?

The ceremony will be held at the Japanese National Stadium in Tokyo.

Olympic Opening Ceremony: When?How to watch on TV online

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