Oppo made the first 5G call in India from Hyderabad Labs

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo announced on Thursday that it had successfully made its first VoNR (Voice / Video on New Radio) call from Hyderabad. 5G Lab. 5G VoNR (Voice / Video on New Radio) calls were made using the latest Reno 6 series smartphones and an end-to-end 5G stand-alone (SA) network powered by Hyderabad 5G Innovation Lab’s Keysight test solution. Oppo..

“The VoNR call from Hyderabad-based 5G Labs is another milestone in Oppo’s innovation journey. As an Indian 5G pioneer, the team explores the true potential of 5G technology and Indian consumers. We are making great strides to bring a better 5G experience, “said Vice President Tasleem Arif. India Oppo India’s R & D head said in a statement.

The 5G VoNR achievement emulates 5G core networks, 5G RAN, and IMS servers using the Keysight E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform, a highly integrated signaling test platform that supports the latest 3GPP Release 15 features and beyond. Completed by rating and enabling 5G calls on Reno 6 devices. In various 5G New Radio (NR) deployment modes.

VoNR, or “Voice over 5G New Radio,” is a basic calling service that takes full advantage of the SA architecture of 5G networks. Compared to previous calling services, VoNR offers significantly lower latency, significantly improved sound quality and image quality, resulting in improved calling. The user’s overall experience.

The SA architecture is one of the major architectures for future 5G networks. Businesses around the world are actively laying the foundation for the 5GSA network. Oppo India is also working on deploying solutions under the SA network.

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Oppo made the first 5G call in India from Hyderabad Labs

Source link Oppo made the first 5G call in India from Hyderabad Labs

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