Opponents want Jordan to be blocked from voting

Lima — The most outspoken in Congress of former President Donald Trump with a campaign to prevent several Trump supporters from appearing on the 2022 ballot in Congress because of suspected role in the January 6 riot. The site was set up for one of its supporters, Congressman Jim Jordan.

Protesters gathered outside Jordan’s Lima office on Saturday to tell Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose that Jordan’s actions before and during the January 6 riots on the Capitol were “rebels.” Encouraged to investigate whether it is considered.

Protesters quoted Article 14 of the Fourteenth Amendment after the Civil War, banning former South Army officials from taking office.

“We have a very simple message. We want Secretary of State Frank LaRose to do his job,” said Taft Manga, one of the event organizers. “I don’t think Jim Jordan is eligible to vote.”

What is Sec? 3?

In the aftermath of January 6th, some legal scholars Guess That second. Article 14-3 of the Constitutional Amendment provided Congress with an impeachment alternative that dismissed Trump and banned the former president from running for public office again.

Sec. 3 prohibits those who have sworn in the Constitution from taking office if they are “engaged in a rebellion or rebellion” against the United States or if they provide “help or comfort” to their enemies.

This section was originally applied to the former South Army after the Civil War, but Trump’s actions before January 6 were revived by those who insisted that his duties should be disqualified.

Activists apply the same reason in a campaign to dismiss several Trump allies in Congress, including North Carolina Republican Madison Cawthorn and Indiana Republican Jim Banks.

Jordan is the latest member of parliament to be the subject of the campaign, and the Secretary of State of Ohio told the United States whether Jordan’s actions before January 6 and January 6 were “properly characterized as rebels. Did you give help and comfort to your enemies? “draft letter Published on Action Network, a progressive funding website.

Jordan spokesman Russell Dye responded by email to Jordan’s office on Friday.

Bluffton University History Professor Perry Bush talks about Republican history during a rally for democracy outside the office of Congressman Jim Jordan in Lima on Saturday.

Protesters gathered outside Jim Jordan’s Lima office on Saturday to tell Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose whether Jordan violated his pledge before and after the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Prompted to start the investigation.

The campaign to prevent Jordan from running for reelection cites the once ambiguous section of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

Opponents want Jordan to be blocked from voting

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