Oprah Winfrey: “This is not your mom’s” Color Purple “”

Oprah Winfrey brings her life-changing experience from “The Color Purple” to a new generation.

She announced Thursday that the Academy Award-nominated television tycoon for Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel has put together an all-star ensemble for a big-screen music remake.

The Warner Brothers film is directed by Blitz Bazaur (“Black Is King”, “The Burial of Kojo”), Fantasia Taylor (Serie), Colman Domingo (Serie’s abusive husband Mr.), Danielle Brooks (Sophia), Starring Halle Bailey (Seri’s sister Netty), Corey Hawkins (Harpo), musician HER (Squeak), Taraji P. Henson (Shag Avery).

“This isn’t your mom’s” The Color Purple, “” Winfrey said at Vanity Fair, explaining a new view of Alice Walker’s letter-led novel about Serie. A brutal marriage and other miserable experiences over decades of books.

The musical version of “The Color Purple” opened on Broadway in 2005. After that, he won the Tony Award in 2015 and has been touring all over the world ever since. The show was produced by Winfrey and Broadway veteran Scott Sanders. They are also working with Quincy Jones, the original composer of the Spielberg and Oscar-nominated film, to create a big screen adaptation. Walker is also the executive producer of the film.

The film musical will begin filming in Georgia next month and will be shown in theaters on December 20, 2023.

“It was a vehicle for the magic and purpose of my life,” Winfrey told the magazine. “I don’t know anyone who has ever had anything to do with someone whose life hasn’t improved. Everything comes from Alice Walker’s original words, which are truly love-based. Love for this community. These The love of the people. The love of those characters. And it’s just inherited, inherited, inherited. I can’t wait to see this next evolution. This is the way we’ve always been. It has nothing to do with doing that. “

Taylor (Niebarino), who made his Broadway debut as Celie in 2007, returned to the role played by Whoopi Goldberg in the 1985 film, Brooks returned to the role played on Broadway, and Winfrey took over in the original film. rice field.

On Broadway, Serry was first played by Tony Award-winning LaChanze. Cynthia Erivo won the 2016 Tony Award as a serie at the 2015 Revival. Brooks nominated the year for the same category (the leading actress in the musical) in Sophia’s portrayal.

Taylor welcomed the announcement on Thursday and released a throwback video showing her reaction when she learned she had joined.

“When I sit down tonight and look back on the journey my life has taken, I now believe I understand how redemption really feels,” wrote the winner of “American Idol.” I am. “The last time I stepped into this character, the similarities between what I drew on stage and what I experienced in my reality were too close and uncomfortable. Since then, my pain has been I learned that it is just an introduction to the larger purpose of meaning and assignment. All the little black girls who are listening and fighting to be recognized also promise to never give up despite the cost. I hope. “

“Orange is the New Black” star Brooks also shared Winfrey’s clip, revealing that he would play Sophia with Winfrey in purple glasses and a turtleneck sweater.

“Blessed to the blessing. First, thank God. Second, thank @ oprah for trusting me and playing this female power again,” she writes. .. “She stepped into that role and helped change many lives. I pray for the same thing. The road to reach this moment was very humble, but I change it for the world. I didn’t mean to! I can’t wait to share Sophia with this next generation !! “

Winfrey lamented his role in the musical, but was proud that Brooks and the new cast would take over.

“If I had the parts for myself, I wouldn’t want more, but I don’t think so. I spent the day, and then it’s gone now. I passed the baton. , And I feel really, really great about it, “she told Vanity Fair.

On Instagram, Winfrey examined the legacy of the project and the importance of bringing it to a new generation.

“All the characters in #TheColorPurple have become symbolic through various iterations over the last 40 years, from Alice Walker’s novels to Steven Spielberg’s film, Scott Thunders Broadway’s adaptation,” she shares a Brooks video. I am writing.

“It’s hard to rethink your beloved musical on the big screen, but we producers feel ready to face the team we’re in,” she continued. “From day one, we knew we needed to find the right cast to live. [Blitz Bazawule’s] Director’s vision and Marcus Gardley’s magical script — and we found them in a knockout [Fantasia Taylor] (Seri), fascinating [Henson] (Shug), attractive [Corey Hawkins] (Harpo), multifaceted [H.E.R.] (Squeaky), wonderfully [Domingo] (Mr.) And beautiful and talented [Bailey] (Young Neti).But Sophia has my heart and I’m ready to pass the purple baton incredibly [Brooks] Who will bring her version to the new generation? “

Oprah Winfrey is behind the scenes at the 75th Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on January 7, 2018.

Oprah Winfrey: “This is not your mom’s” Color Purple “”

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