OSU President Announces Another $ 20 Million Over 10 Years To Fund Safety Measures

Columbus — From behind the podium at an on-campus news conference on Friday afternoon, Ohio State University President Christina M. Johnson spoke firmly about her feelings about the recent rise in violent crime around the campus.

“This is personal to me,” she said. “What I personally take is nothing more than student safety.”

That’s the belief that Johnson has announced that Ohio State University will invest an additional $ 2 million annually over the next decade to enhance security and security measures on and off campus. The funds that will come into effect soon will total at least $ 20 million.

Additional funding will be directed to increasing off-campus patrols, including more private security, uniformed police officers, and joint patrols. With additional mobile lighting and camera towers in the area, we are expanding our college ride-sharing service for students to Short North.

Johnson said Ohio State University will also work with Social Work University and John Glenn University of Public Affairs to create a more comprehensive approach and provide additional resources.

“We need to be flexible,” Johnson said, adding that funding for additional security measures would come from elsewhere in the university’s current budget.

Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther said he joined Johnson at a press conference on Friday to share the president’s dissatisfaction with the “tragedy of violent crime” that affected individuals across the country.

Since the beginning of the fall semester, Johnson and other university officials have been regularly working to strengthen security measures on and around the campus.

In late August, Johnson sent an email to the Columbus Campus community about the increased security measures being implemented on and off campus. Countermeasures include light towers and cameras added along the pedestrian walkway. There is also security provided by security vehicles marked as community crime patrols.

A few days later, police stations in Columbus and The Ohio State University announced that they would move resources to the university district and provide additional safety measures to address safety concerns.

Columbus police commander Dennis Jeffrey said violent crimes such as robbery, exacerbation of assault and robbery have decreased by 51% in the university district since the announcement of the partnership on September 1.

However, many parents of Ohio State University students say the college hasn’t done enough to protect their children yet.

The sign along Route 315 near the Ohio State University campus is for Safe Ohio State University, a pro-advocacy group formed last year after the 23-year-old Chase Meola was shot dead at an off-campus party in October 2020. Recently installed by Backeyes.

On the sign, there is an image of Meora and “One is too many. Ohio State University protects students from violent crimes.” And “University should not be a crime scene!”

Some recent Buckeye Safety Alerts have also rattled parents and students.

Early Friday morning, police officers responded to a drive-by shooting at a house near Taller Street and Woodruff Avenue. A group of men tried to attend a house party but were asked to leave. A few minutes after departure, a black car was pulled up in front of the house, firing multiple shots at the house and then driving. No injuries have been reported.

The Ohio State University formed a safety task force following Meora’s death, expanding coverage of surveillance cameras off-campus, increasing university police staff, and evaluating lighting in the off-campus neighborhood. Proposed new safety and security recommendations.

Johnson said the university had invested $ 1 million in security measures after Meora’s death, saying: We need more. “

“Last night’s event was tragic and I want to make sure it never happens again,” Johnson said of the drive-by shoot.

Johnson said the security measures announced on Friday have been underway since she arrived on campus more than a year ago.

OSU President Announces Another $ 20 Million Over 10 Years To Fund Safety Measures

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