Ottawa man convicted of rape

Ottawa — A man in Ottawa will be sentenced to 11 to 16 and a half years in prison for raping a boy after a judge convicts the boy on Tuesday morning.

Ottawa’s Jesus Tapia Jr., 59, did not object to the amendment to the alleged rape Tuesday morning. Judge Keith Shearlow admitted that he was found guilty of a felony. Tapia will be sentenced to 11 am on August 12, a week before the scheduled jury trial begins.

A “no contest” plea means that Tapia admitted the facts presented in the case, but did not admit the plea and left the conviction to Cielro.

Tapia was in an “authoritative position” against a man whose original indictment identified him as John Doe on his 2008 date of birth, when he was 12 or 13 years old. Prosecutor Deputy Prosecutor Todd Schroeder said Tapia had oral sex with a boy “by force or threat of force” at his home on March 21 at 700 blocks on South Oak Street in Ottawa.

According to the original indictment, Tapia was previously convicted of similar charges in Montgomery County in 2002. Tapia was already classified as a sexually oriented criminal after being released in September 2012.

Neither the previous indictment nor the age of the victim is included in the new accusation received on Tuesday as part of the plea bargain. Tapia, who was detained with a $ 150,000 deposit, also had a motion to revoke supervision over tampering with record fees set aside as part of the transaction.

Tapia was spoken gently during the hearing, and Ciellow made eye contact with him aloud as he passed the checklist to confirm that Tapia understood the implications of his plea. I asked him to take. Most of his answers were short, except for the statement that he was unable to receive counseling for a previously diagnosed mental illness because he could not get out of jail.

The court was mostly open on Tuesday as the victim and his family objected to attending a plea hearing. Tapia also had no supporters in court, leaving only parties, judges, media, court officials, and representatives of crime victim services in the room.

Jesus Tapia Jr. on the right signs a “no contest” petition on rape charges while his lawyer Barry Schroeder is watching Tuesday. Tapia faced 11 to 16 and a half years in prison when sentenced to August 12.

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Ottawa man convicted of rape

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