Pace talks about Bears-Bucks at Radio Pre-Game Show

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General Manager Ryan Pace spoke with Jeff Joniac on the Bears pre-match radio show on Sunday at WBBM Newsradio 780 AM and 105.9 FM. Below is a copy of Pace’s comment.

About the defeat to Packers last Sunday:

“In retrospect, I had the chance, but I didn’t get the big play I needed in all three phases. I know that getting 14 points isn’t enough. The key points of defense you need. And I didn’t play a game-changing game with a special team. Looking back, I had 9 minutes left in the fourth quarter, 17-14. There was momentum, but I didn’t. Don’t take advantage of the moments. The good thing is still early in the season. We have a tough and resilient team and today we have a great opportunity to play against a really good tamper team. “

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Whether it is difficult to perform defenses when some key members of the unit are unable to practice during the week:

“I know all teams are injured this year. We are dealing with COVID. This is only part of the season. Some teams deal better than others. I believe in no excuses, tough and elastic thinking. I thought the Thursday night match with Cleveland was a good example. They are running back, start quarterback, aggressive Lineman was downing the defensive starter. [found] To that place. A good team will find a way to overcome the adversity they have dealt with. “

At the tight end, Jimmy Graham will be the third bears player on the Reserve / COVID-19 list:

“We believe they are all separate. We think we are in an era now. It is the society in general now. We are all safe, careful and take appropriate precautions. We need to take it. Our staff is doing a great job with it and I think it’s just when we are. “

Whether efforts are becoming more problematic as the season progresses:

“Our defense has been strengthened in many big moments and it’s been really good this season, but there’s always something we can improve and work on, and I think it came out of the last game.” And our team wants to focus on takeaway efforts and generation. We do. I think it goes with the type of men we have. “

About Justin Fields, a rookie quarterback showing signs of encouragement for the Packers:

“Sure, every week there are moments of continuous growth and learning. The good thing about these experiences is that we can see improvements through the knowledge he gains. Justin and his aggressive coach With, I think I can really do it after each match, especially focusing on what he needs to continue to work on and what he can fine-tune. In fact, he does it every week. It’s really great to see the progress of each game while tweaking it. “

About Fields who understands that he needs to get rid of the ball quickly to reduce the bag in the big yard:

“I think there are subtle boundaries in striving to create big play, but you can also know when to fight for another down. In our league, these scramble types. You can see a lot of huge play from the play of. Coverage collapses and the receiver comes back to life .. It’s an element that Justin has, and the ability to play from scrambled play is a big threat to hostile defense. We need to keep tweaking it. “

If you don’t generate enough explosive passplay:

“I think it’s about to come. The run game this season was very good. It’s O-line’s credit and the tight end and receiver are all blocking the tail. I saw Karil Herbert step up last week. And obviously that run game is important in rookie quarterbacks. With experience and weekly adjustments, you can see progress in the pass game. “

About the recent emergence of Herbert:

“I said last week. I’m not surprised internally. I felt from day one. He was David Montgomery, Damian Williams, Ryan Naru, and [Herbert] It’s just a stud. In addition to his abilities, he has a professional mindset that we all love. I also think Michael Pitre is doing a great job as a new running back coach. He did a really good job in that room. “

Heading to Tampa as a big vulnerable, the confused victory pays the following dividends:

“We see it as a great opportunity. Starting with a coach, we have a lot of respect for the Tampa Bay organization. [Bruce] GM of Arian, Jason Licht. They have a roster of the Super Bowl Championship and a leading quarterback in the Hall of Fame. But going out and playing at this point in the season is a big challenge. And if you are a competitor who is all of us, you are grateful for these moments. “

Pace talks about Bears-Bucks at Radio Pre-Game Show

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