Packers heading to the playoffs are excited to see them return to the playoffs

Green Bay will be locked in for the final push using the first round buy Wes Hodkiewicz

Green Bay-Aaron Rodgers’ broken toe almost healed, Josh Myers did not reserve a knee, and The Derias Smith resumed practice for the first time in four months.

Randall Cobb continues to recover from Core’s injury, but both Jaire Alexander and Billy Turner have returned after a recent activation from the Reserve / COVID-19 list.

So, yes, it’s no exaggeration to say that the top-seeded packers felt pretty good when they returned to the practice area on Wednesday. Optimistic view that this first round playoff buy will have good results on the Green Bay roster as some key players have returned to good health and are ready for next week’s NFC divisional playoffs. there is.

“In terms of health, this is great,” Rogers said after practice. “Go out to practice, see” 55 “run around,” 18 “run around,” 23 “is there,” 77 “, you know, huh. Ascending, energy is where it is needed. “

Packers have been fighting injuries since the start of the training camp. The six professional bowlers (Rogers, receivers Davante Adams, Smith, Alexander, left tackle David Bufftiari and Ergton Jenkins) who have returned since 2020 have missed a total of 58 games this season. However, only Jenkins was lost during the season in that group.

Rogers, who played a broken Pinky Toe for two months but didn’t miss the match, reported that he hadn’t been frustrated by the finale of his regular season in Detroit last Sunday.

In fact, active MVPs feel that their toes could eventually reach “100%” by next weekend. In that respect, Rogers is not the only one. His starting center, Myers, also came out of the Lions game without worsening wear after playing 32 offensive snaps in the first half.

It was the first match of the rookie’s second round pick after missing 10 matches due to a knee injury in Packers Week 6 in Chicago.

Myers felt he could come back this year, but it was hard to wait, especially given that he hadn’t missed time because of an injury. Myers suffered from turf toes in the middle of his final year at Ohio State University, but still ended the season.

“Mentally, it was definitely a sacrifice. It was really hard,” Myers said. “It was a new experience for me and it was certainly something I had to fight. It was physically hard. It hurts. I had a hard time getting it back, but that’s only part of it. You I accept that part. The mental side was hard. “

Myers, however, said he had passed the game and thanked him for his snap with Rogers and his first attack. Not only did it allow him to return to the ditch again, but it reminded him of his quarterback rhythm.

Meanwhile, the Packers gave David Bakhtiari a holiday on the left tackle on Wednesday. This is a precautionary measure taken by the team after the debut of the five All-Pro 27 snap seasons in Detroit, marking the first in-game action in Bufftiari’s 378 days.

Receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling (back) and defensive lineman Kingsley Keke (illness) also didn’t practice, but otherwise Green Bay left the rest of the roster on the field.

Running back Aaron Jones (knees) and linebacker Debondle Campbell (elbows) both returned after canceling the Lions match. The special team’s stubborn Thai Summers also practiced for the first time since being on the injured list for a hamstring injury last month.

But most of his eyes were on Smith, who came back on Wednesday. The two Pro Bowl linebackers have landed in the IR with back numbers in the last four months after playing 16 snaps against New Orleans at the Green Bay regular season opener.

If he continues to make progress, 29-year-old Smith could become an important spinning pass rusher in the final stretch of the season, alongside Preston Smith and Rashan Gary. The team also wants to bring Alexander, Cobb, and Turner back into the fold.

In the absence of the star, the Packers stepped up newcomers and veterans alike during the 13-4 campaign. With Campbell, cornerback Rasul Douglas, tackle Dennis Kelly, and returner David Moore, he came out of nowhere to contribute. Former All-Pro Pass Rusher Whitney Melsils was also added before the biceps injury. Coincidentally, he returned to practice on Thursday.

As the injuries and illnesses subside, the Packers continue to cross their fingers for the return of the major playmakers during the critical push of the playoffs.

“I’m going to have fun this week,” Rogers said. “Break, tweak a few things, watch this weekend to figure out who will play, and then prepare for the division round.”

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Packers heading to the playoffs are excited to see them return to the playoffs

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