Panicled hydrangea partners are limited only by your imagination

The popularity of Panicled hydrangea or hydrangea varieties has skyrocketed. This is mainly due to the producers who provided more varieties than I had imagined. Garden Guy is here to tell you that landscape ear partnerships are limited only by your imagination.

If you are asking yourself “what kind of ear partnership”. I guarantee you, you are not alone.

If you drive through the neighborhood, you’ll see shrubs overlooking. In other words, it is good at using evergreen plants such as holly, juniper and magnolia in the background. However, incorporating them at the border with the flowers must be a little disturbing to many gardeners.

My first encounter with the possibilities was at the cottage garden when I was the director of the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens in Savannah, Georgia. I think it was a coincidence, but the gardening coordinator was a poster photo of creativity, so I think I could have planned it.

Hydrangea was the more compact or dwarf cousin Little Lime of the award-winning Limelight. The combination wasn’t too far from my office. Imagine being surprised walking towards my car one day when a little lime was blooming in a flock of bright orange crocosmia or montbretia. Lesson 1 here is the most popular white flower in the Deep South. This can be combined with the desired color.

My son, James, whom I often refer to now, is like a fierce tiger in terms of forming partnerships with all kinds of Panicled hydrangea. Last year he used Quickfire Hydrangea in a mixing vessel at the Landings Shopping Center in Columbus, Georgia. From late spring to early summer, clients didn’t even know they were there. Suddenly, in early August, the containers exploded in color, as if each were carefully designed by an artist.

Partners included Luscious Royale Cosmo lantana, Truffula Pink gomphrena, and Rockin Fuchsia salvia. There was also a mandevilla, whose flowers imitated an antique climbing rose. Lesson 2 is that hydrangea paniculatas also works in containers.

The containers were a bit expensive on the challenge scale, but planting in a house in the old town was as easy as 2 plus 2, and the two were partnerships. This combination featured a limelight that began the love of all hydrangeas, along with a lavender blue meteo shower verbena drift or sweep. The marriage of tall, airy verbena to the blue sky and white clouds with giant white spikes was the moment of Kodak. Lesson 3 is that simple combinations are most effective.

These combinations encouraged Garden Guy to try his hand when designing the hydrangea combination. I planted the hydrangea of ​​Miss Molly in the background, and the hydrangea of ​​hydrangea and the amethyst of pug star in front. A truffle pink amaranth has also been added to the pocket. Lesson 4 is that hydrangea can function anywhere, including the habitat of pollen maters.

I’ve always argued that if these hydrangeas were growing in the Caribbean, they would think they were the finest tropics on the planet. So I planted a Red Abyssinian banana between the three newly released limelight prime hydrangea triangular clusters. Late afternoon, just at right angles to the backlit sun, take me to the island with gentle waves and the sound of steel drums. Lesson 5 is that Panicled hydrangea is limited only by your imagination.

Of the 49 types of hydrangea provided by proven award winners, 13 are Panicled hydrangea. They are recommended for zones 3-8b, which are the huge geographical sections of the country. When choosing the variety you want, don’t forget to let your inner monet come out. You can even create some incredible combinations.

Limelight has begun a surge in popularity of Hydronapaniculata varieties. Here we have partnered with Meteor Shower verbenas to show that the combination is as simple as two plants.

Norman Winter, gardener, gardener, author of “Southern Claw-Durable Flowers” and “Enchanting Combinations: Garden Colors and Styles”. Follow him on Facebook @ NormanWinterTheGardenGuy.

Panicled hydrangea partners are limited only by your imagination

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