Parents of Teas Valley discuss the strengths and weaknesses of mask requirements at school

One parent said masks were the easiest and most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID, while another said the need for masks was overkill.

Pickaway County, Ohio — The discussion is like a coin. Both have two sides.

Both sides can agree on this discussion that they want to keep their students and the school district safe. What they disagree with is how to achieve it.

“We believe masking is the easiest and most effective way to prevent spread. [of Covid] At school, and keep our school open, “Katey Gil said. “Needless to say, keep everyone safe.”

Gil is the mother of the Teas Valley District School District. She wants to see the masks needed at school, citing the recent increase in the Covid case of students and teachers.

Spencer Travis is the father of the same district. He says requesting a mask is overkill.

“I think common sense should be prioritized,” he said. “Keep clean and keep distance [and] Do not enter other people’s spaces or anything else. Masks don’t cure everything. “

The Tees Valley district announced on Friday that masks will be required from January 18th.

Before the requirement, the district says it Watch the numbers carefully And it keeps in touch with parents through email and social media.

In its statement to 10TV, the district also has several strategies it has used, including flushing the air inside the building and improving the filtration system and canteen partitions as a way to prioritize student safety. I am listing.

Gil says he knows that many parents in Pickaway County, like other parents in other counties in the state, are against the idea. She understands that not everyone is vaccinated, but wearing a mask is an easy solution.

“”[It’s] It’s that easy, “she said. “Such simple.”

A simple gesture to help everyone, with or without vaccination. Travis says requesting a mask can be detrimental to a student’s developing mind.

“We push something into the still-growing young mind,” “How do I interact socially, but I have to do this when it doesn’t affect them. “When I’m trying to understand,” Travis said.

The entire state school district has recently addressed the increasing absence of students, teachers and bus drivers due to illness. Many fear that this inconsistent instruction can affect student education.

“If the masks are working well, the teacher wearing the masks … why doesn’t it protect them,” Travis said.

Health experts said masks and vaccinations are the best way to limit Covid infections and hospitalizations.

The statement sent to 10TV from the Tees Valley District School District is as follows:

Parents were contacted multiple times via email and social media informing them that masking was encouraged at all schools in Tees Valley. Currently, 1.5% of our student population is positive for COVID-19. We monitor positive numbers daily to inform staff and students that masks may be needed as positive numbers increase in a particular classroom, grade, school, or district as a whole. Individual classrooms and student groups with increased COVID-19 positivity already require a mask for a period of time.

Several mitigation strategies have been implemented to minimize spread. These include new chillers in various buildings, air flushes in each building, improved filtration systems and filters in each building, elementary and junior high school lunch room dividers, vaccine clinics for interested students and staff, 3 Additional caretakers to assist with cleaning and disinfection and hand sanitizers available in classrooms and corridors, including but not limited to one. We take student safety very seriously and continue to monitor COVID-19 positive rates daily.

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Parents of Teas Valley discuss the strengths and weaknesses of mask requirements at school

Source link Parents of Teas Valley discuss the strengths and weaknesses of mask requirements at school

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