Parole Commission Refuses Jeffrey Hodge’s Plea for Early Release

Jeffrey Hodge pleaded guilty to the murder of 19-year-old Melissa Hurstram in 1993.

Columbus, Ohio — Former University of Toledo police officer Jeffrey Hodge pleaded guilty to kidnapping and killing 19-year-old Melissa Herstram in 1993. On Wednesday, the state’s parole commission denied his attempt to be released from prison for the crime.

Hodge took Hurstram to Scott Park Campus on a frigid night in January 1992. He put her in the snow and shot her head, neck and back 14 times.

“His release to society poses an undue risk to public security, does not promote the interests of justice, nor is it consistent with social welfare and security,” the board said. Determined the seriousness of male crime. It surpassed his rehabilitation attempt.

“His actions were intentional and planned …” the board said. “Hodge has no insight into what triggers existed to make the decisions he made. Therefore, atrocities, complete neglect of life, betrayal of public trust, and against it. There is substantial reason to believe that the unique factors of conviction violations, characterized by lack of insight, far outweigh the rehabilitation efforts of criminal Hodge. “

Hurstram’s family and friends want her murderer to remain trapped.

Melissa’s sister, Diane Clark Hurstram, told Hodge in a 1993 ruling that “there was nothing I could do or my parents could do to protect her from someone like you.”

3News, a sister station of WTOL11 in Cleveland, sat down with members of the Hurstram family on the Rocky River and her friends, saying that the pain they felt became sharper and dull over time. explained.

Hodge was sentenced to 30 years in prison. But it’s only 29 years old. And every year, I have intolerable memories of how she was taken, my family and friends said.

“He shot her 14 times at close range and her clothes were partially removed. He wanted to see the effects of the bullets, so I need to relive all of this, but anyway I He’s in danger, “said sister Cindy Hurstram-Clark, holding back tears.

But that wasn’t the only way he killed her. That was after he then quivered Melissa’s family to this day.

“He witnessed an autopsy because he wanted to participate in an autopsy. He was also guarding outside the Sorority House. He found himself, him, and his partner. So he staged the whole scene, “said friend TJ McManamon.

How could I release the killer? In a statement, Ohio Corrections Bureau spokesman Jo Ellen Smith said:

“He served 30 years, minus 430 days in prison, and is eligible for the first hearing.

“He earned 30% good time, so he is eligible to consider parole after serving 70% of his minimum sentence.”

Meanwhile, Melissa’s family says he is a monster and cannot change.

“He passed all the psychological tests that police officers pass, and how many people could commit such violent crimes, as quoted without the quotes programmed at the Marion Correctional Facility. Is it programmable? “Cindy said.

“I had no regrets at the time, I have no regrets now, and I don’t think it will happen in the future,” TJ said.

Melissa’s old classmate at Rocky River High School Campaigns and websites To keep Hodge in jail.

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Parole Commission Refuses Jeffrey Hodge’s Plea for Early Release

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