Pentagon orders suspend across the military to deal with that rank of extremism

The Pentagon said Wednesday that it was still uncertain how to tackle the issue of extremism, and announced a suspension of the entire army to allow the military and commanders to focus on the issue.

Lloyd Austin, the first black Secretary of Defense to recently take over the Pentagon, will confront military branches at some point in the next 60 days to discuss the threat posed by radicalism similar to white supremacy. The Pentagon news agency said it had ordered. Secretary of Defense John Kirby.

The· January 6 Riot at ParliamentKirby said it was a Pentagon “call for awakening” when a Trump mob raided a building and attacked police. Current and previous members Part of the military has joined the siege, and the Pentagon is scrutinizing how to scrutinize recruits and track extremism within the ranks.

According to Kirby, Austin issued an order at the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s leadership meeting on Wednesday, including General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General John Heiten, vice chairman.

“There was no one in the room who didn’t agree that there was no problem,” he said.

According to Kirby, the order was designed to reveal that white supremacism and other radical ideologies do not exist in the military and to hear from the military how they see the problem. ..

He said the Pentagon had studied the issue for years and issued a directive, but the ministry did not yet fully understand the issue.

“I don’t know how this can be achieved in a meaningful, productive and concrete way. That’s why he held this conference today, and that’s why he certainly did this standdown. That’s why I ordered it, “Kirby said.

“There may be cultural issues that need to be addressed here,” he added.

In the U.S. military, “standdowns” are designed to focus the entire military’s attention on serious issues or issues that require suspension of daily activities for all units and all ranks to discuss the issue. I am.

The military has previously issued stand-down orders to address other issues that plague the military and raise class awareness of suicide, sexual assault and racism. The commander can decide when to schedule the 60-day discussion outlined by the Secretary of Defense.

The Pentagon has not yet provided data outlining the scale of the problem, and both the Pentagon and the FBI have shown an approximate number of service members who have recently been disciplined via extremist links and a sense of familiarity with extremists. We have not released information on the number of potential recruits. group.

A member of parliament, who held a hearing a year ago, expressed serious concern about the issue and called on the Pentagon to take more decisive action and collect more data to address the issue. It was.

Recently, California Congressman Jackie Speier Democrat Prompted President Joe Biden letter To issue an executive order to ensure security clearance for federal personnel Especially the militaryInclude reviews of social media posts about relationships with white supremacists or similar violent extremists.

Speier, a member of the Senate Military Commission, said, “Despite the collection and reporting of other intrusive personal data, we have social media accounts when authorities grant security clearance to military recruits and other federal personnel. I wrote that it was “unforgivable” not to investigate. As financial and behavioral health information. “

Pentagon orders suspend across the military to deal with that rank of extremism

Source link Pentagon orders suspend across the military to deal with that rank of extremism

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