PGA Champion Mickelson Makes History at Age 50

Kiawa Island, South Carolina (AP) — Phil Mickelson has brought so many thrills and spills in a pure theater for 30 years that no one knows what he will do next.

His latest performance was truly amazing: 50-year-old major champion.

Mickelson won the PGA Championship for the sixth major and the most amazing Sunday ever. He made two early birdies in that magical wedge game, delaying the cast of candidates too late and catching him in the changing winds of Kaiwer Island.

He closed with one over 73, built a five-shot lead in the back nine and did not make any serious mistakes that would keep him away from his historical position.

“It’s just a great feeling because I believed it was possible, but I said everything wasn’t,” he said, more than two years after his last win and nearly eight years without a major. Mickelson said. He wasn’t even in the majors for five years.

Julius Boros held the title of Golf’s oldest major champion for 53 years. He was 48 when he won the PGA Championship in San Antonio in 1968.

After Mickelson successfully hit the 9-iron just outside 15 feet, a pure mess occurred along the 18th hole, ensuring an almost impossible victory. Thousands of fans involved him on the fairway. This was usually only seen at the British Open and lasted until Mickelson showed up with his thumbs up.

It may have been the greatest pressure he faced in the back nine of the ocean course.

“I don’t think I’ve had such an experience, so thank you,” Mickelson said at the Trophy Ceremony. “I’m a little worried, but it’s very nice.”

Just like he plays a game.

“Lefty! Left-handed! Left-handed!” Chased him on the green and scoring tent. His last week’s mission will soon be unforgettable.

Three months after 43-year-old Tom Brady won the seventh Super Bowl, Mickelson joined the timeless wonders of the year. Mickelson became the first player in PGA Tour history to win tournaments every 30 years. The first of his 45 titles was in 1991, when he was still a junior in Arizona.

Mickelson has become the tenth player to win a major in 30 years. This is an elite list that started with Harry Vardon and has recently been achieved by Tiger Woods.

“He’s been on tour as long as I’m alive,” said Jon Rahm. “It’s really great to keep him motivated to play, compete and practice.”

Brooks Koepka and Louis Oosthuizen had a chance, but only for a short time. Koepka finished at 74 with a par 5 over 4 when the game was still going on. Oosthuizen hit the water when he tried a final run and shot 73.

“Phil played great,” Koepka said. “It’s pretty cool to see, but I was a little disappointed.”

Mickelson finishes with 6 under 282

The victory came a week after Mickelson accepted a special exemption from the US Open. This is because he was no longer exempt from qualifying because he was 115th in the world and undefeated for the past two years. He hasn’t been in the top 20 for nearly nine months in the last 17 tournaments. He was worried that he could no longer focus on more than 18 holes.

And he beat 99 of the top 100 players in the strongest field of the year and made it easy.

The PGA Championship was the largest and most noisy crowd since returning from the COVID-19 pandemic — the PGA of America limited tickets to 10,000 and seemed to double that — and they saw. Clarified what I wanted.

The opening time could be anyone’s on the last day. The wind finished switching in the opposite direction of the opening round, and Mickelson and Koepka scored low early on, but exchanged brilliance and blunder.

Phil Mickelson holds the Wannamaker Trophy after winning the PGA Championship Golf Tournament on the Ocean Course on Sunday in Kaiwer Island, South Carolina.

PGA Champion Brings Great Surprise at 50

PGA Champion Mickelson Makes History at Age 50

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