Players react after NBA team riots attack US Capitol

The NBA team expressed anxiety after a violent mob loyal to President Trump was able to attack the US Capitol.

Miami — Some in the hours of Wednesday in response to a violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump attacking the U.S. Capitol and Wisconsin prosecutors not prosecuting police officers who shot black. Last year’s man the NBA team showed disappointment with words and actions.

In Miami, Heat and the Boston Celtics issued a joint statement stating that most players and coaches are playing “heartily” in the national anthem kneeling game. In Milwaukee, both Bucks and Detroit Pistons made a turnover with their first possession. Intentionally, all 10 players on the court knelt down. In Phoenix, the Sands and the Toronto Raptors stood in a circle, joining arms for the national anthems of the United States and Canada. Many other compliments were made around the NBA.

Earlier that day in the Capitol, the mob delayed Congress proving the outcome of the November elections and paving the way for presidential election Joe Biden to swear later this month.

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“It’s an embarrassing and embarrassing day in our country,” said Stan Van Gundy, director of New Orleans.

The event on Wednesday took place the day after the decision was announced not to prosecute the police officer who shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year. Blake shooting was one of many issues focused on last season in the NBA restart bubble, where issues of racial injustice and police atrocities have always been the focus.

The Heat Celtics Joint Statement, in part, states: “2021 is the New Year, but a few things haven’t changed. After yesterday’s decision in Kenosha, we play tonight’s game wholeheartedly, and the capital of our country. Protesters know that different political leaders will be treated differently depending on which side of the particular issue they are on. “

The Celtics discussed the break decision earlier in the day before the events from the Capitol unfolded. After arriving at the arena in Miami, the Celtics met again as a team to discuss options, and Brad Stevens called his wife and said he didn’t think his team would have a say.

Boston eventually chose to defeat Miami 107-105 to play.

“They have been run with a winning attitude at all costs,” Stevens said of the Trump administration. “I don’t know. Obviously, our sporting world isn’t that important, but I always think it would be a pretty unsatisfied ending if you run with a winning attitude at all costs. And in this situation, it’s a shameful ending, so I’m looking forward to two weeks later, knowing that there are many others. “

Biden will be launched in two weeks starting Wednesday, January 20th.

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It was unclear if any of the kneeling teams would be penalized. The NBA has had decades of rules that players and coaches must support the national anthem. The rules were relaxed last year when the season resumed with a bubble in Walt Disney World.

Bucks won the game’s opening tap, and instead of NBA MVP Janice Adetokumpo playing twice, all players knelt and held the ball. It resulted in a turnover, similar to Detroit’s possession when Blake Griffin held the ball and the player kneeled again. Bucks said he held the ball for seven seconds after the match, reflecting the seven shots of Blake.

“We want to be on the right side of the fight and keep fighting, never distracting, slowing down or moving in the wrong direction,” said Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer. I think. ” “We need to keep moving forward in every way, shape and form.”

Meanwhile, the men’s college basketball game scheduled to take place in Washington on Wednesday night has been postponed due to a curfew imposed in response to the mob’s actions at the Capitol. The Atlantic 10 Conference match between George Washington and UMass will be rescheduled by the league.

Another Washington-based team, Georgetown, knelt on the national anthem before confronting Butler in Indianapolis. “I’m sad,” Hoyas coach Patrick Ewing said in response to the events of the day.

There were 11 games on Wednesday’s NBA schedule. Everything was played.

“To be honest, playing the game tonight feels a bit strange,” said Charlotte coach James Bolego before the club played in Atlanta.

Black Philadelphia coach Dock Rivers talked about the big differences in rallies across the United States last summer. This included a fierce skirmish between protesters and police and what they saw at the Capitol on Wednesday.

“A symbol of raiding the Capitol without exerting force on them, if you’re a black American, it definitely touches you in another way,” Rivers said. “This is not black. This is American.”

Milwaukee AP Sports Writer Steve Megagie, New Orleans Brett Martell, Washington Howard Fendrich, Philadelphia Dangerston, Atlanta Charles Odam, and Florida AP Freelancer John Denton contributed to this report. did.

Players react after NBA team riots attack US Capitol

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