Plush “Snoopy” doll heads to space next year

The five-ounce stuffed “Snoopy” has a very important mission to be mounted on next year’s unmanned Artemis 1 rocket.

New York — A new rocket designed to launch humans on the Moon, Mars, and beyond will be launched next year from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. On board, it’s the familiar fuzzy figure — Snoopy.

A five-ounce stuffed version of a fancy beagle dog in a spacesuit designed to NASA’s rigorous specifications plays an important role in Artemis 1’s unmanned mission.

NASA uses stuffed animals during flight. This is to indicate that the spacecraft entered the weightlessness of the universe when the little man began to float. It’s soft and light, so it won’t break or accidentally press a button.

NS Artemis 1 mission Will orbit the Moon and return to Earth in February as an astronaut-free dry run, confirming that all systems are functioning for future crew missions. You will also board two Lego figures that are part of the education series.

Future missions will be announced at the same time as the Friday release of the second season of the Emmy Award-nominated anime series “Snoopy’s Journey to Space” on Apple TV +. In Season 1, Snoopy became an astronaut and landed on the moon. Season 2 goes a step further in what showrunner Mark Evestaff calls a “magnificent road trip.”

“We’ve taken another step to get Snoopy to places we’ve never been to, such as Mars, Jupiter’s moons, and exoplanets,” he says. “And he does it through his imagination, but it’s also based on real science from NASA.”

Stephanie Betts, Chief Content Officer at media company WildBrain, said Season 1 is the perfect foundation. “Snoopy became an astronaut and was able to go to space. Now what do you do with it? Now let’s go exploring. Let’s explore life.”

Back home, the gorgeous Snoopy gravity monitoring task (formally known as the weightlessness indicator) is far from the stuffed animal that the astronauts first used. Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space to carry a small doll when Vostok 1 was launched.

Since then, owl dolls and Angry Bird toys have been on the International Space Station, and in 2015 the plush toy R2-D2 was used as a guard in the Souse mission, and the snowman Olaf from the movie “Frozen” appeared. Plush Snoopy is also on the space station.

Snoopy has a long history at NASA and began when Apollo X astronauts Thomas Stafford, John Young, and Jean Sarnan chose the letters “peanuts” as their nickname. The command module was Charlie Brown and the moon module was Snoopy.

“I had the idea that someone would try to get more interested in the space program. By the time I arrived at Apollo 10, I felt the program would be a little out of date,” said Peanuts. Craig Schulz, son of the creator Charles Schulz, said. “For my dad, it was probably one of the greatest honors I could give to his comics.”

Charles Schulz drew a strip while Snoopy was walking on the moon. “Yeah! I’m the first beagle dog on the moon! I beat the Russians … I beat everyone … I even that stupid cat living next door Defeated! ”Snoopy says to one.

NASA and “peanuts” have been frequently interwoven. The Space Agency honored the best employees at the Silver Snoopy Awards, and the Snoopy doll boarded the Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft in 2019.

The gorgeous 10 “x 7” Snoopy prepared for the Artemis 1 mission wasn’t like it was on the target shelf. This is a unique piece and has been carefully designed using only NASA-approved materials. The stress test is scheduled for December.

“The spacesuit had to meet all the requirements and be of the same quality as astronauts wear, both in materials and approved. Therefore, all the materials used in the spacesuit It was a one-month process to move back and forth because of the consideration, “said Craig Schulz.

In many respects, the reunion of Snoopy and NASA in 2021 reflects the way the two first worked together to generate interest in space exploration.

“Space travel is now almost normal,” Schultz said. “Most of the time people’s attention is a bit weak, so when you inject some of that funny Snoopy, you’re going to catch the audience.”

Plush “Snoopy” doll heads to space next year

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