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Police warn parents about new iPhone features

*The video above is a recent story about a driver who was rescued from a crash thanks to his cell phone*

Ohio (WJW) — Multiple law enforcement agencies in Northeast Ohio are warning parents to check their children’s cell phones after new iOS updates.

bedford police stationother Northeast Ohio law enforcement agencies, and law enforcement agencies across Ohio, including Dayton, issued a warning on their social media pages Sunday.

Law enforcement agencies in Ohio and elsewhere have issued privacy warnings about the latest iOS 17 update for iPhones, which includes a feature that makes it easier to share contact information. This warning was shared on multiple police social media pages within the community.

The feature, called “NameDrop,” allows users to easily share contact information and photos by simply bringing two phones close together.

NameDrop is a new update included in iOS 17 and is turned on by default.

To edit permissions or turn off the feature completely, go to your phone’s Settings app, click General, then AirDrop. Switch the Device Integration option to Off.

Police are urging parents to check their children’s mobile phone settings to ensure their safety.

Learn more about the changes introduced in iOS 17 here.

https://fox8.com/news/ne-ohio-police-warn-parents-of-new-iphone-feature/ Police warn parents about new iPhone features

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