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Photo: facebook.com/SebastianBakehouse

Mariemont’s Sebastian Bake House Storefront

Only five months after the first pop-up on January 2nd of this year, Sebastian Bakehouse owners officially secured space for their physical stores.

Owners Laura Kate Adelman and Randy Sebastian said CityBeat In an email saying that I chose the Mariemont space because of the positive feedback I received from Mariemont’s test marketing.

“We absolutely love our presence in Hyde Park, but from a startup business perspective, we have a larger customer base of pop-ups within / near Mariemont,” they write.

Sebastian Bakehouse is very popular with previous pop-up locations in the city and often draws long lines full of enthusiastic customers. “What we wanted, I didn’t really expect it, but I was surprised that we were accepted and welcomed by the community!” Written the owner.

About five years ago, Adelman and Sebastian (currently engaged) left Cincinnati, but they always had the goal of returning and starting their own business.

Adelman was born in Oxford, Ohio and went to Cincinnati, and Sebastian came to Queen City as part of an executive team that originally opened Horseshoe Casino (now Hard Rock Casino).

Since Adelman and Sebastian are both pastry chefs, it was natural to open some kind of pastry shop. Sebastian Bakehouse features the French Viennoiserie, which means “Viennese pastry”, which refers to the breakfast pastry that connects patisserie and French bread.

Click to enlarge Rainbow Croissant at Sebastian Bake House-Photo: FACEBOOK.COM/SEBASTIANBAKEHOUSE

Photo: facebook.com/SebastianBakehouse

Rainbow Croissant at Sebastian Bake House

Some of Adelman’s and Sebastian’s favorite pastries are collaborations with other local businesses, such as the HotHoney Pepperoni Croissant created by Fireside Pizza. In addition, they used their work to give back, and at one point raised more than $ 2,500 for Ukraine (the birthplace of Adelman’s grandfather) in a trio of macaroons. Recently, they developed the Rainbow Pride Croissant. One dollar of that will be donated to LGBTQ youth nonprofit Lighthouse Youth & Family Services.

Adelman and Sebastian want to make baked goods that are unique to Cincinnati. “We are completely geeky and not only introduce the technical aspects of the classically made Viennoiserie, but also emphasize what we know in the classic French pastries, where people are simple Denmark. I would like to incorporate it into what I sometimes take for granted as a croissant or croissant, “they said.

They say they want to take a classic style and “upgrade”, that is, to offer a beautiful and tasty product with a modern twist.

They are also known for desserts, cakes, chocolates and ice cream, saying, “When the time comes, it’s time to introduce Cincinnati to interpretations of desserts and the like.” But for now, Viennoiserie is their main focus.

The space is currently undergoing refurbishment, so the opening date for the first physical store of Sebastian Bakehouse has not been set. Despite an ongoing remodeling project, Sebastian Bakehouse will sell delicious pieces from brand new physical store space from 8am to 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays, or until sold out.

Sebastian Bakehouse’s new physical store is located at 6846 Wooster Pike in Mariemont. See for more information. sebastianbakehouse.com..

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Pop-up Sebastian Bakehouse Opens First Real Store in Mariemont | Food News | Cincinnati

Source link Pop-up Sebastian Bakehouse Opens First Real Store in Mariemont | Food News | Cincinnati

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