Price, specifications, compatibility between Apple iPhone and Android, etc.

UK-based technology company there is nothing The long-awaited Nothing ear (1) I finally unwrapped my wireless earphones. These wireless earphones, which have been regularly teased over the past few months, are now coming worldwide. Maybe you’re happy?India’s Nothing ear (1) wireless earphones have a price tag of Rs 5,999, these are For flip cart only for the time being. There is nothing to confirm that these earphones (1) wireless earphones will be available in Flipkart from August 17th. This is Nothing’s first high-tech product. Nothing ear (1) Wireless earphones have active noise canceling and Fast Pair for Android Customize device, gesture control, ear for Android phone (1) companion app, Apple iPhone.. At first glance at Nothing’s ears, there are some things that stand out to me (1).

• Nothingear (1) Wireless earphones are priced at Rs 5,999 and will continue. Sold on Flipkart from August 17thIt’s been a few weeks now. These wireless earphones are used because the price is not a direct conversion of the global price points of £ 99, $ 99 and € 99. More affordable in india This is in contrast to the addition of direct currency conversion and local taxes.

• Earphones (1) Wireless earphones are nothing more than an iconic transparent design. Transparent designs have never been seen exactly at this price point, and even at the cost of wireless earphones, which are actually much more expensive. Try this and talk a volume about attention to detail they focused on, as nothing has produced such excellent results. It also has IPX4 sweat resistance and drip resistance.

• There is a 11.6mm dynamic audio driver inside. This is very powerful and should theoretically provide a solid foundation for the sound. The Ear (1) app also provides EQ adjustment options and ANC controls to customize the sound. The ANC is rated at -40dB, and even the high-speed wind noise of 40km / h does not say anything that can be separated to amplify the voice through the microphone during a voice call.

• You may not be aware of this, but sound tuning and running the software in hardware is done by experts. Swedish tech company Teenage Engineering Specializes in audio products and accessories. Audio codecs supported by Nothing ear (1) include AAC and SBC, and Dolby Atmos Apple Music The streaming platform works seamlessly with the Apple Music app for Apple iPhone and Android phones.

• Earphones (1) It is not said that wireless earphones can achieve up to 5.7 hours of battery life with earphones and up to 34 hours with charging case with ANC turned off. With ANC on, this can be up to 4 hours on earphones and up to 24 hours on a wireless charging case. In addition, the transparent and visually distinguishable charging case is very convenient as it supports wireless charging with a Qi wireless charger.

• Flipkart has already confirmed it Cost-effective EMI and fast delivery options It will be available to all buyers. At a glance at the huge list of rivals, Samsung Galaxy Buds + (approx. Rs 5,990 with adaptive noise cancellation), OnePlus Buds Z (approx. Rs 3,190 with adaptive noise cancellation), Oppo Enco W51 (approx. Rs 3,999 with active noise cancellation) ..

• That said, there are many other brands that offer wireless earphones in the Rs 5,000 price range, such as Noise and Soundcore by Anker. This is a very tough price to compete with, before dialing what perhaps well-known smartphone companies like Xiaomi and Realme sell as wireless earphone products at a slightly lower price.

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Price, specifications, compatibility between Apple iPhone and Android, etc.

Source link Price, specifications, compatibility between Apple iPhone and Android, etc.

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