Public Works Board Working on City Pool Project

LIMA — The City of Lima met with Lima City schools on Thursday evening to discuss a memorandum of understanding regarding a proposed aquatic centre, conversion of city buildings and storage units. The Public Works Board has addressed a range of community concerns on this issue.

The City of Lima, the YMCA and Lima Schools have drawn up a Memorandum of Understanding for the Lima City Pool Project. The project he plans to start construction in 2023. A formal draft is not yet complete. The Public Works Board advanced the ordinance at its Thursday evening meeting.

Parks and Recreation Director Ric Stolly shared a draft vision for the Lima Aquatic Center.

“To provide a space and place to promote participation and swimming as a lifelong activity that creates community through improved physical health and wellness, economic development and youth development,” said Storey. “It emphasizes respect, responsibility and consideration for others. It is a much-needed facility. Our citizens deserve a cozy place to play, connect and feel part of their community. We believe that parks and recreation services should be accessible to all, regardless of income level, ethnicity, gender, ability or age.Extend swimming-related services to Lima communities. Things help strengthen community ties, not just about swimming, but about social equity.”

Mayor Charetta Smith said, “From the beginning, I’ve been reading all the comments on social media, and I’ve been dedicated to listening to people.” We didn’t have the capital so we started looking for partners who were also interested in teaching young children how to swim. Then the whole world faced a pandemic and we now have the capital to build something.”

The city of Lima is also considering security changes due to a renovation of the city hall building and an increase in the number of employees, according to Public Works Director Kirk Niemeyer. The goal is to focus on the second floor and the front lobby area. No formal plans or budgets have been prepared at this time.

The Public Works Board also addressed concerns about residential use of portable storage units. The Council will continue to debate how to enforce and deal with regulations.

Members of the Public Works Commission address community concerns regarding the City of Lima.

Public Works Board Working on City Pool Project

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