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Putnam County Common Pleiacourt

July 6

Eric M. Walters, 35, 21009 Road 21, Fort Jennings pleaded guilty to non-compliance and OVI. A ruling was made at 10 am on August 16, and the bond continued during the current investigation. The charges of assault, vandalism, resistance to arrest, and threats were dismissed.

July 13

Rogelio L. Pardo, 40, 240 N. Walnut St., Apt. C, Ottawa was sentenced to 11 months in prison for worsening possession of the drug (methamphetamine). He was given 15 days of work and an additional number of days of credit pending transportation to the department. He was also sentenced to 11 months in prison for violating community management standards. He was given 312 days of credit and the judgment was ordered to be serviced at the same time.

July 14

Continental Jennifer M. Rodriguez and Leibsic Ruben I. Rodriguez have been allowed to break the marriage. They married Leipsic on October 16, 2010 and have two children.

Dana K. Giblin of Columbus and Spencer A. Giblin of Ottawa were allowed to break the marriage. They married in Glandorf on September 15, 2018 and have no children.

Midland Credit Management, Inc. in San Diego. Has ruled against Leipsick Harold Martin for a total interest of $ 32,894.23.

July 15

Seth M. Plotner, 30, 4134 Road I, Leipsic have pleaded guilty to credit card misuse. He faces up to 18 months in prison and a $ 5,000 fine. The deposit continued during the pre-judgment investigation with the decision set at 11:00 am on August 26. The alleged theft from a protected class person and two thefts were rejected.

US Bangkok Trust National Association in Greenville, South Carolina has sentenced Darrin W. Basinger, Harpster, Jayme Basinger, Upper Sandusky, Ava M. Basinger, and Findlay to seize interest and expenses in addition to $ 22,099.50. I did.

New case

Craig V. Palte, Columbus Gloves, and Jenna Palte, Columbus Gloves, v. Michael C. Whitman, Coweta, Oklahoma, and Paula Whitman, Coweta, Oklahoma. Other citizens (over $ 25,000).

Tyson Schroeder, Ottawa, and Lindy Schroeder, Ottawa. Elimination of marriage with a child.

Cassandra L. Fackler, Leipsick, v. JeremyA. Fackler, West Stripe Chic; Divorced without children.

Putnam County Treasury Secretary Tracy Warnecke, Ottawa, v. Daniel R. Miller, Columbus Grove; Foreclosure ($ 5,969.56).

Moises Rodriguez, Ottawa, v. DennisL. Barkimer, Columbus Grove; Personal injury (over $ 25,000).

Putnam County Treasury Secretary Tracy Warnecke, Ottawa, v. Waneta Connor, Columbus Grove; Foreclosure ($ 4,062.81).

Putnam County Treasury Secretary Tracy Warnecke, Ottawa, v. James Kelly, Lakeland, Florida, and Katherine Kelly, Lakeland, Florida. Foreclosure ($ 354.14).

Village of Ottawa, v. AnitraA. Utrup, Ottawa, and Kevin L. Utrup, Ottawa. Other citizens ($ 6,896).

Disposal of municipalities in Putnam County

July 12

Logan A. Heuerman, 18, 23468 Road M, Cloverdale pleaded guilty to reckless operation. Sentence: $ 150 fine. The alleged speed violation was dismissed.

Charles L. Bingamon, 48, 230 Eddy St., Apt. B. Bluffton pleaded guilty to the modified accusation of physical control. Judgment: 180 days imprisonment, 150 days suspension, $ 500 fine, 1 year license suspension, and completion of drug and alcohol assessment. The OVI accusation has been dismissed.

July 13

Eden M. Briner, 32, 7612 State Route 634, Continental have not objected to OVI’s second breach and have been convicted. Judgment: 180 days imprisonment, $ 1,000 fine, 5 years license suspension. He was fined $ 25 for being out of control. The OVI and seatbelt accusations have been dismissed.

Dylan A. Stouffer, 26, 17537 County Road C1, New Bavaria pleaded guilty to OVI. Judgment: 6 points, 180 days imprisonment, suspension, $ 750 fine, 1 year license suspension, DIP and alcohol / drug assessment must be completed. The OVI accusation and improper lane use have been dismissed.

July 15

Alvarodias, 25, 320N. Jefferson St. Apartment 5, Delphos pleaded guilty to OVI’s second breach. Judgment: 180 days imprisonment, 150 days suspension, $ 750 fine, $ 225 suspension, 3-year suspension, and complete drug and alcohol suspension. He also pleaded guilty to driving under the suspension of drunk driving. Judgment: 180 days imprisonment, 160 days suspension, $ 250 fine, consecutive judgments.

James A. Riley, 40, 1200 S. Atlantic Avenue, Lima pleaded guilty to failing to regain his license. Sentence: $ 100 fine. He was also fined $ 25 for his seat belt.

Putnam County City Judgment

July 13

Hanko EMS, Ottawa, Default Judgment vs. Earl E. End Three, Ottawa, $ 1,180.50, and Interest and Expenses.

Putnam County Court Records-Lima News

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