Queen of America resumes service on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers

American Queen Steamship Company The flagship paddle steamer announced American Queen After 18 months, it resumed service and became the fourth vessel to return to service. We-Flaged cruise line. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the company that ended the purchase of Paddle Wheeler on August 8, 2011 American Queen Depart from New Orleans Kickstart the 2021 season on Monday Mississippi When Ohio River..

Tourism is reportedly the second largest economy on the Mississippi River, and the return of the cruise line fleet to the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers is expected to boost the region’s hospitality industry. “”American Queen From staying at a hotel before a cruise to visiting attractions and patronizing small businesses along the river, guests will have an immediate financial impact on the port city she seeks. ” Shawn BierdzThe president of the American Queen Steamboat Company explained in a press release. “To meet the need to operate the entire fleet, we once again have over 500 team members and continue to grow in open positions on board and along the coast.”

According to the company, bookings lasted until 2021 and far ahead until 2022 and 2023, demonstrating strong demand for cruising near home. In addition, the cruise line reported a record individual booking date of more than 10 days in 2021, adding that the current sailing season is almost sold out and seats are limited in the remaining 2021. Thanksgiving-And a holiday-themed voyage. The American Queen Steamboat Company said,freedomSale, bonus discount of up to $ 2,000 on some 2022 bookings made by August 31, 2021.

The cruise line will be released in MarchSafe CruiseThe protocol has been applied, and from 1 July, both guests and crew have become fully vaccinated US river cruise lines. All guests COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Vaccination before hotel check-in before cruise. The “Safe Cruise” policy is subject to local and state regulations based on the current local situation and is subject to change without prior notice to comply with local health and safety guidelines.

For more information on the American Queen Steamboat Company, please visit: www.americanqueensteamboatcompany.com..

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Queen of America resumes service on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers

Source link Queen of America resumes service on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers

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