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Questions and Answers: November 21st

bob labriola

Let’s get started:

Mike Greenberg, Silver Spring, Maryland: In a recent interview on Peyton Manning’s podcast, Pittsburgh native Mark Cuban was asked to share his memories of the Immaculate Reception. He said his family had to listen to the game on the radio because it wasn’t televised locally. I thought that was amazing. Could you please confirm his memory? Is it because the game wasn’t sold out?

Answer: The 1972 Divisional Round game between Pittsburgh and the Oakland Raiders was definitely a sellout, but at the time the NFL still had a blackout rule that prohibited televised games within certain areas of the home team’s market. did. Mark Cuban grew up in the Pittsburgh suburb of Mount Lebanon, so the game made famous by the Immaculate Welcome was not televised in that area. Steelers fans had to travel to Erie, Pennsylvania, or Ohio or West Virginia to watch games broadcast on NBC. Also, since I lived with my parents within the Pittsburgh city limits, I was unable to watch Immaculate Conception on television. I also listened to the game on the radio, a transistor radio in the family room at my parents’ house. Home power outages were finally lifted in 1973 with the “72-hour rule.” That meant games had to sell out 72 hours in advance before regional power outages were lifted.

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Ruth Winters from Whitefish Bay, Wis.: In your experience, was the tackle on Kenny Pickett on the first possession against Cleveland a safety? A lot of people (both Steelers and Browns fans) seem to think so. Looking at the rules, the safety is based on the position of the ball at the time of the tackle (one was on the goal line when first attacked), not the quarterback’s feet. So I think it was a good decision. what are your thoughts?

Answer: In my opinion, it’s a waste of time to go through the rulebook to clarify what is and isn’t called in an NFL game. Because it’s all about officials making decisions based on what they see and what they miss. . I understand that my opinion is cynical, but it’s been my experience, and rulebooks are generally written in a way that allows for interpretation and judgment, and then whether or not the judgment is made. can be used to justify. Former NFL referee Gene Steratore, commentating on the CBS broadcast, said if Browns coach Kevin Stefanski had contested the non-safety call, he would have won and the Browns would have been awarded two points. Ta.

Dale Geller from Cape Coral, Fla.: Why would the Steelers (or any other team) activate players from the practice squad for a game, send them back to the practice squad, only to activate them again for the next game? ? Is it a cap space issue?

Answer: Prior to the 2020 COVID-19 season, if a team wanted to activate a player from the practice squad, they could sign that player and waive the player on the roster to make the 53-man roster. I needed to set up a spot. In response to the spread of the coronavirus, the rules have been amended to allow for the procedures currently in place. This allows a team to add a player from the practice squad to the active roster for a game without filling the 53-man quota. , the player can return to the team’s practice squad without putting himself on waivers. Teams may only register a particular player to their practice squad three times before making him a full-time member of the 53-man roster or potentially exposing him to the roster of other players. You need to make a decision whether to fire someone. team.

Amos Myers from Oro Valley, Ariz.: When you watch college games on Saturday, you see linemen wearing all kinds of knee and leg braces, which you don’t see in the NFL. is. Is it a difference in rules or a difference in philosophy?

Answer: The difference is that in college, teams can require players to wear knee braces, whereas in the NFL, teams can unilaterally impose such rules because the players are professionals who are union members. That means you can’t do that.

Jim Miller, Broken Arrow, Okla.: He appeared to be injured on the play where Kenny Pickett sneaked the quarterback for a first down, and was treated on the field before going to the sideline. Ta. Mitch Trubisky replaced him. However, the Browns challenged the call, but the challenge was unsuccessful. When both teams returned to the field, Pickett was also back. Isn’t there a rule that if a player is injured he has to miss at least one play? Has that rule changed or does the Browns challenge have anything to do with it?

Answer: The Browns challenge had something to do with it. As explained on the broadcast, the challenge included a timeout so Kenny Pickett did not have to leave the game to play. And Pickett later said that the problem was just dirt in his eye, and that when a trainer washed out his eye during a challenge timeout, he was safe to return once the challenge was rejected and play resumed.

Christopher Crockett of Madison; WI: He lives in Wisconsin and is a Steelers fan, so his wife and I will be driving to the game against the Indianapolis Colts. The date and time are undecided at this time. When will the NFL announce a date and time?

A: A decision on the Week 15 game will be made no later than after Week 13 (two weeks before the game vs. Indianapolis). And this weekend’s NFL slate marks Week 12.

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