Rapper Scarface receives a kidney transplant from his son

Brad “Scarface” Jordan, 50, says COVID knocked out his kidneys and doctors dialyzed him.

Houston — Houston Rapper Scar face I needed a new kidney and got one from my son.

For music fans, the South Acres Scarface is Geto Boys, Music producer, rap artist. But for tour manager Christopher Jordan, Scarface is a dad.

“I felt like I was watching my father die,” said Christopher Jordan.

Says a 50-year-old dad, also known as Blood Jordan COVID Knocking out his kidney, the doctor put him on dialysis.

“I was sick of everything when I was on dialysis for a couple of months. I was sick of everything. No, I need a transplant,” said Brad Jordan.

So blood or scar face Went to twitter In search of the kidneys, the reaction was remarkable.

“There were 39 voluntary donors on the list of people I didn’t know,” said Brad Jordan. “They just did it.”

But then, his 30-year-old son Chris volunteered.

“Why not? That’s my dad,” said Chris Jordan. “He gave me a life you know, so it was right for me to give back by extending him.”

“For the past four or five months, I and Chris were like Batman and Robin,” the father joked. “He’s Batman!”

So on Tuesday, September 14, my father and son went under the knife at the Methodist Hospital. Just three days later, both were released and went home in time for dinner.

“It’s the ultimate gift, the gift of life,” the father said. “I owe him my life. We have an inseparable bond.”

“The bond is even stronger,” adds his son, Chris.

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Rapper Scarface receives a kidney transplant from his son

Source link Rapper Scarface receives a kidney transplant from his son

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