Real Life Mom: Fight for Teeth

Do you remember the stage of tooth extraction as a child? Man, that’s right. If my teeth were squiggly, that same night I was up all night, cranking it and working to get it out. I made up my mind, and nothing stopped me. There was no patience — shocking, I know. Ha! I needed it now.

So how did this child, who resists pulling out his teeth, be born? Seriously, it’s the worst for her. About a week ago, one of her two front teeth was loose. So she was pretty rippling.

One Saturday night, a friend in my neighborhood and I talked to Reagan and told him to pull him. There is one girl known for pulling teeth in the hood. She is the best of the best. But when she tried, Reagan turned back too early, and it didn’t go. Reagan didn’t have it.

After a few hours trying to convince her to try again, we finally gave up. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I don’t even know, a few days later, Reagan left the front door of the bus stop, did not step into our leaning forward, and fell directly onto his face and two front teeth. I did. .. Soon, when I scooped her up and took her her inside her to clean her up, it turned into “Mom will take you to school day” I did.

She was a trooper. Wearing her face, she really liked her “fighting wounds”. She thought she was tough to look at, so she wasn’t allowed to apply the healing cream. Her self-confidence completely bothers me! I have a lot to learn from her.

The fall did not knock out her loose teeth, but it also caused the tooth next to it to undulate. Well, here we have two wavy teeth instead of one.

Ironically, the girls had their dentist clean the next day. I secretly wanted to pull on the first really loose teeth hanging on the thread. Instead, my bank account will probably be charged for the extraction, so the dentist recommended tying dental floss around it and pulling the knot tight.

So that night we did what all the good parents did, we googled it. Sure enough, there were videos everywhere that worked. Reagan and I studied it, and then she was brave enough to finally try it. But she wanted to pull her knot tight. fine. Take out this first tooth!

Except for one thing, she didn’t pull it tight enough or fast enough … Instead of the released teeth, she wrapped a too tight knot around the barely hanging teeth. .. And she’s done. It was late; we were all exhausted trying to talk to her in the first place.

While comforting her and wiping her tears, I couldn’t help but notice how close her hands were to the dental floss hanging from these very loose teeth. And hey, I was watching the video, if you do it fast enough and hard, it just pops out. The child doesn’t feel anything.

Well, this year’s mom is here to report that it doesn’t always work that way. Without her permission or her knowledge, I grabbed and pulled those strings individually. And what to guess, the teeth hadn’t come out yet.

Oh, but Reagan’s anger was. She was very angry with me! All trust-trust in me-jumped out of the window. She was angry and hurt. And I swear I was just trying to help.

Eventually, she calmed down and was able to cut off a long thread of dental floss and fall asleep (although she couldn’t put a small piece under her teeth). After her apology and explanation, she wrapped my arm at least in a bear hug, but still she didn’t go beyond what I was trying to do. And, of course, I had a terrible feeling.

The next day, the girl went to school for breakfast, ate a bite of a banana breakfast bar, and had her first tooth mobility. It contained dental floss and everything. Of course I did.

Anyway, at least it was out! And she was so proud that she couldn’t wait to show me.

But everyone, that second loose tooth, I don’t have a chance to do it. And I don’t understand how I can’t get it done, but I think I learned my lesson. If she is willing to wait for it to just fall, so is I. You do you, baby girl, I just keep the Tooth Fairy waiting.

Sometimes the hardest part of being a mom is waiting for your teeth to come out.

Sarah (Pitson) Schroeder was born and raised in Lima. She is a graduate of Lima Central Catholic and Tiffin University. Sarah is a full-time working mom and enjoys writing about her somewhat crazy and always adventurous life as her mother. She lives in Bathtownship with her daughters and she writes inspiration for Mayley and Reagan.

Real Life Mom: Fight for Teeth

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