Real life mom: thank God for the leaves of my house

Saturday night I slept well. My house (at least my main level) was clean. Peacefully, I slept knowing that I was ahead of next week’s game in terms of cleaning.

Then, less than an hour after I got home from the church the next day, I looked around and my feelings stopped at once. Why do things change so rapidly? Most notably, all the doors in my house had wet shoe prints and lots of crumpled, moist leaves clinging to the legs of some children’s pants playing. is. Feeling frustrated and defeated, I didn’t even try to clean them. After all, the next child will put more leaves on the next trip. The leaves had to stay for the time being.

By the time I finally set about cleaning them all, it might or might not have been a few days later. Well, because our lives are very busy. So yes, I actually had leaves just hanging out as a floor decoration for a day or two. I looked back as honestly as I could, as there were more pressing and important tasks in front of me, such as washing, lunch, lying down with my baby and listening to a long explanation of the video I watched on my tablet that day. leaf. By the way, what’s worse than watching their dazzling and boring videos is just listening to them summarizing the whole story.

Anyway, when everything finally settled down and I had a good night to catch up, I grabbed the broom and wiped out the leaves. And strangely, I felt gratitude trembling in my body. A few days ago, I wanted to pull my hair out with the same leaves, but I couldn’t help but thank them because there were leaves at home that night.

With those leaves, it meant that my baby, and all the babies who came to play, enjoyed a lovely autumn day at my house happily. There is a home that welcomes a safe place to warm up before they go on another outside adventure. When I was collecting piles of inner leaves to plunge into the dustpan, I couldn’t help thinking that these leaves weren’t always here.

A few years later, my kids may decide that playing with the leaves is no longer what they want to entertain. In the next few years, they drive and may not want to be here at all. And then, well, they may only come home on college holidays or holidays.

And my mom’s heart broke in almost two. On the leaves. Leave it on my floor.

It was here and there that I stopped and thanked God for the leaves in my house. I thanked God for having the “now” of this life. Sure, it gets crazy and sometimes drags past for days at the same time, regardless of my desire to reduce chaos. But nevertheless, or nevertheless, I am “now”.

So I wiped out the old leaves of the time, stared at the complete kitchen sink, thought about all the laundry that still needed to be folded, and remembered that there was still a big project for Mayley to do for the school. .. Prolonged until the evening, I stopped. And here and there, I thanked God for all of that.

All the worries of my heart. All frustration about feeling unfulfilled and still having a lot to do. The amount of responsibility that weighs heavily on the shoulders. I thanked God for the very fact that I often stopped and asked God to go through me.

This “now” I am alive-all that part-I prayed-and because he was rescued. Sure, I didn’t clearly understand everything I was getting from the deal, ha, but I was anxious for this life as a mother. And to be honest, I needed to remind myself that everything that looks like an obstacle in front of me is a small blessing that takes us to the next stage of life.

And I’m not ready for that yet. So I look around and thank God for all parts of this stage of life in which we are. Soon, these leaves will not be trekked by a smiling baby. And I’m sure I’m really anxious for everything I’m experiencing right now.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

This “now” I’m alive-all that part-I’m praying-and he’s been rescued. I wasn’t sure what the deal was, but as a mother I was anxious for this life. Recall that everything that looks like an obstacle in front of you is a small blessing that will take you to the next stage of your life.

Sarah (Pitson) Shrader was born and raised in Lima. She is a graduate of Lima Central Catholic and Tiffin University. Sarah is a full-time working mom and enjoys writing about her somewhat crazy and always adventurous life as a mother. She lives in Bus Township with her daughters and writes inspiration for Mayley and Reagan.

Real life mom: thank God for the leaves of my house

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