Reds try to fill the ground in playoff races when the public visits

The Cincinnati Reds will try to stay in the National League wildcard race as they open a four-game series against the Washington Nationals on Thursday night.

The Reds, who split the two games against the Pirates before it rained on Wednesday, will join the series 4 1/2 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals as the second wildcard spot.

Creating the Cardinals ground is not easy for the Reds (78-74) as St. Louis will be on Thursday for 11 consecutive wins.

There are 10 games left in Cincinnati’s 2021 season, eight of which will face the Nationals or Pirates. The other two games will play against the White Sox, the leader of AL Central.

Washington (63-89) has won the series against host Miami Marlins after winning two of the three.

The Nationals, who won 10 of the last 11 games in Cincinnati, beat host Marlins 7-5 on Wednesday.

Despite the rainout, the Great American Ball Park came out on Wednesday as the Reds announced a two-year contract extension for manager David Bell.

“That’s what I want to do for as long as possible,” Bell said. “I love doing it, I love the team, the organization, and our players.

“It doesn’t change my focus. I was convinced that it all worked, so nothing else changes. This year has come to a strong end and I look forward to continuing it.”

Sonny Gray was planning to launch a series opener on Thursday, but rainouts pushed things back.

So Luis Castillo (8-15, 4.08 ERA) got off to a start in Cincinnati after missing a confrontation with the pirates.

Castillo will be in the game a little higher after winning the Dodgers on September 17th. Castillo threw a 6 1/3 shutout inning, gave up 5 hits and hit 10.

This month, Castillo abandoned seven runs (five wins) with three starts, 1-1, 19 1/3 innings and 22 strikeouts.

Castillo has a life of 0-3 against the Nationals, allowing 13 runs with 20 strikeouts in 1/3 innings of 21. This is the first time he has faced Washington this season.

The Nationals faced left-handed Patrick Corbin (8-15, 6.17), and the final expedition with the Rockies lasted only four innings.

Corbyn gave up six runs with nine hits and hit five. He also gave up two home runs and gave him 36 home runs this season.

“Just as my season is over,” Corbyn said. “I throw absolute pitch and miss my place. Yanking pitch, I think it’s just a place. Today’s fastball command wasn’t very good. There were some good sliders when I threw it. Hit them three, but it just comes down to a fastball command, which isn’t really consistent. “

This marks Corbyn’s 10th career start for the Reds.

Corbyn scored 4.53 ERA against Cincinnati in 10 games (9 starts) 2-4, which is his first start against the Reds this season.

Cincinnati took the only other series against the Nationals this year, regaining two of the three in May.

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Reds try to fill the ground in playoff races when the public visits

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