Report: Antonio Brown didn’t want to go back to the Bucks match

Many speculated that Antonio Brown’s meltdown was due to his departure from the Bucks Jet match on Sunday, but Monday morning’s report disagreed.

East Rutherford, NJ — Why Antonio Brown left the field on Sunday in the third quarter of the Bucks Jet match and took off his jersey, pad and shirt before flashing a sign of peace to the crowd while running. , Many speculations are flying around. Go through the end zone.

Many initially speculated that Brown was angry that he couldn’t play, but NFL media Ian Rapoport report It was the opposite on Monday morning.

Social media speculated that they are following the images a lot. One of the more common speculations was that Tampa was limiting Brown’s playing time as a $ 1.2 million performance incentive was approaching. The 33-year-old receiver was 8 catches from $ 333,333, 55 yards away from another $ 333,333, and one received a touchdown from another $ 333,333 bonus.

“He’s no longer Buc,” said Bruce Arians, head coach of Tampa Bay, frankly after Tampa’s comeback beat Jets.

But no one talked about why Brown snapped.

but, NFL Media Rapoport reported on Monday morning It was Brown who didn’t want to participate in the game.

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Rapoport said in the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football that Arian and offensive staff were trying to get Brown into the match, but refused because his ankles weren’t healthy. Brown didn’t practice on Thursday and Friday because of an injury.

According to Rapoport, Arian and the offensive staff were confident that Brown was healthy enough to play. It is reported that he told Brown if he wasn’t going to enter the game when they told him because he refused to enter, and he couldn’t be there. At that point, they are said to have kicked him out of the bystander with the intention of separating him from the team.

Brown hasn’t made a specific statement on this issue yet, and Bacchus hasn’t publicly addressed the specific reason Brown left the field.

“It’s a difficult situation,” Tom Brady said after the match. “Everyone should do what he can to help him in the way he really needs. We all love him. We care deeply about him. We are the best he is. I hope to be in a state of. Unfortunately, it’s not on our team …. I have very compassion and empathy for some of the very difficult things that everyone is doing. I think it should be. “

Buccane touched down Jets twice at some point, then won 28-24 and moved to 12-4 this year.

Last season, Bucks brought Antonio Brown to play off at Brady’s request. The signature came shortly after Brown offered an eight-game NFL ban, following multiple allegations of rape and sexual misconduct and a contest-free petition for felony robbery. The Arians said one would fail and Brown would be off the team.

Brown contributed to the playoff journey and ultimately to the Super Bowl victory.

After star wide receiver Chris Godwin and running back Leonard Fournette lost to Saints two weeks ago and were injured at the end of the season, he was supposed to contribute to Bucks again.

Sunday was Brown’s second match after three matches were interrupted due to a violation of the NFL’s COVID-19 protocol after being accused of obtaining a fake vaccine card.

The Arians reportedly told FOX’s Jay Glazer. On Sunday afternoon, he was trying to get Brown into the game, but Brown refused, saying “I’ve never seen anything” like Brown’s dramatic exit.

Buccane has released Brown, but it’s hard to understand what will happen to him next. It’s hard to see the team coming in and signing him, but with the playoffs approaching with the remaining week of the season, it’s not surprising that the team can try to bring him in. Remember that it was Tampa went last season.

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Report: Antonio Brown didn’t want to go back to the Bucks match

Source link Report: Antonio Brown didn’t want to go back to the Bucks match

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