Republican bill provides vouchers for all Ohio school children

Columbus — Ohio parents are dissatisfied with their children’s public school education and use state dollars to send their children to private schools and use other education costs under a GOP-backed bill. You can select the program that you can do.

Upper Sandusky Republican bill sponsor Riordan McClain told the House Finance Commission on Tuesday.

The bill is not an anti-public school, added Shelby Republican Rep. Marilyn John, who co-sponsors the bill. “This is a parent-child, parent-parent, parent-family bill that allows parents and families to make the best choices for their children,” John testified.

This program is optional, but parents who choose it will have $ 5,500 per K-8 student and $ 7,500 per 9-12 student in an education savings account managed by the State Treasury Department. there is.

Discussions on the bill will take place months after the state legislature approves a new school funding plan over the years aimed at providing credibility by paying districts annual school funding. Following the January proceedings, it states that existing voucher programs are creating an unconstitutional system of individually funded private education.

Democrats say the backpack bill is harmful to public schools that are already being challenged, questioning how it fits into the new school funding plan.

Republican Shelby Marilyn John answers questions about a “backpack” bill that will extend the school’s voucher program to all students in the state at the Ohio Statehouse on Tuesday, February 15, 2022. Columbus, Ohio. Sandussky Republican Bill Testified with Republican Rep. Riordan McClain, John called the bill a “parent-child, parent-family bill” rather than intended to attack public schools.

Republican bill provides vouchers for all Ohio school children

Source link Republican bill provides vouchers for all Ohio school children

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