Review: Say “yes” to the stunning and mysterious “no”

Why is the movie title “No”?

According to reports and interviews quoted by Jordan Peele and cast members, “nope” refers to the typical verbal reaction of African Americans when they see the crazy and premonition scenes of horror films. increase. The word is a variation of “Oh, hell” (to clarify my claim).

There is a similar reaction in the movie, the third and best of the peel. Due to all the secrets about its plot and subject matter, it turns out that “Nope” is superior to his previous works “Get Out” and “We”, not to mention its unique name. ..

From the beginning of this photo, viewers may be at the same time embarrassed and intrigued by what they unfold.

All that is clear from the opening minutes is a glimpse of the menacing Gordy of a blood-stained chimpanzee, but Peel has carved a peculiar trace of horror. The moment sets the tone as the creature (embodied by Terry Notary) slowly turns towards the camera with an obstructive gaze.

We move to a remote ranch. There, David Keith has the father of Haywood Hollywood Horse, the first stuntman and horse wrangler in Tinseltown, a property owner, and a fateful cameo as Kingpin.

Dad’s assistant is his son Otis Jr. (also known as “OJ” by Daniel Kaluuya), who cares about his business until something like this evil and unexplained.

It won’t be long before OJ’s sister (Keke Palmer) appears in a commercial, and the cameraman Antlers (raspy Michael Wincott) will reappear later in the story.

Other core players consist of surveillance equipment technology (Brandon Perea) hired by Haywoods, and Carnival Barker (Stephen Yun) with a personal link to the aforementioned chimpanzees.

What exactly is happening in the air there? Let’s say that the enemy has caused havoc and special effects in a spectacular and spectacular way, without compromising fun.

“Nope” makes effective use of inanimate objects such as mantis, inflatable sky dancers (outside the car dealership), fake horses, coins and keys.

It’s pretty useful when you have a lively, compelling cast. First and foremost, Karuya from England will be demonstrating again, like “Widows” and “Get Out”. He is an unaffected performer and cannot make false gestures. Karuya exudes the essence of Genesis Quoy, regardless of the situation.

Palmer proves to be supervisable and charismatic, as is the relatively unknown Perea. Wincott’s role as a gravel voice as an eccentric shutter bug looks like it was specially made for an actor who nails it with genuine precision.

The entire production of “Nope” is a wise, witty, mysterious attack on our senses. It bursts with confidence and texture.

No matter what’s happening in the swirling sky or dusty ground, Peel and the crew capture progress with inspiring cinematography, arousing anxiety. The result is a cinematic experience like no other.

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From the left, “Nope” Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Brandon Perea. From the left, Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Brandon Perea’s ” Nope “. Universal Pictures (TNS)

By James Luksic

Review: Say “yes” to the stunning and mysterious “no”

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