Ricky Rubio’s melancholy revelation in front of Cleveland Stint

Cleveland Cavaliers Guard Ricky Rubio will play for the fourth team in the 11th season. Not so many, but in recent years, Cavs veterans have been shipped from Phoenix to Oklahoma City and traded to Minnesota before landing in Cleveland.

Such a move robbed Rubio and his family of stability.In an interview with a Spanish outlet MarukaAs translated by Euro hoop, He admitted the stress caused by the vigorous movement.

“I’m a little tired. Ultimately, every player like me likes stability, especially now my family also needs stability.”

Rubio will play the final year of his contract from 2021 to 22. His timeline doesn’t match Cavs’ own timeline, but Rubio still intends to be a true pro.

“After all, everyone is preparing to adapt to the new environment. You have to be mentally prepared for him, but it all takes time.”

Cavs, whose wings are already lacking in depth trade off Train Prince to get Rubio. The plan is to act as a mentor for Darius Garland, Collin Sexton, and a seven-foot rookie Evan Mobley who has the ability to play for his teammates.

In addition, the Cavs were still able to take advantage of Rubio’s skills. His ingenuity and playmaking should facilitate the transition of Mobley and create better opportunities for the rest of his teammates. He is also a talented defender that the Cavaliers can trust.

The 2021-22 campaign will be an opportunity for Ricky Rubio to improve its inventory before deciding on its next destination. If it turns out to be fruitful next season, don’t count the extended relationship between Rubio and the Cavaliers.

Ricky Rubio’s melancholy revelation in front of Cleveland Stint

Source link Ricky Rubio’s melancholy revelation in front of Cleveland Stint

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