Rock fans come to Vaxxin’on the River

Lorraine hosted a party celebrating the summer and a vaccine to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

Vaxxin’on the River featured entertainment by rocker Lita Ford at the Black River Landing in Lorain on July 21st.

The city provided $ 10 each to the first 5,000 vaccinated guests, and the Lorain County Public Health Service provided shots with syringes instead of bar glasses.

Lorain, along with Mercy Health and Rockin’on the River, hosted a concert free admission to anyone who has the COVID-19 vaccine or is willing to buy the vaccine on the site.

Thirty-three people were vaccinated in the field.

Char Ray, Chief Operating Officer of Lorain Hospital, said he was proud that Mercy Health sponsored the event.She attended together Edwin Oley, Market President of Mercy Health – Lorain.

Ford and opener Michael Weber are great artists, but Ray said their career was destroyed last year.

“I’m very happy to be here and celebrate again in front of people,” Ray said. She and Cognos met Ford before the show.

“She’s a good guy, she’s a phenom, she’s a female locker,” Ray said. “She’s happy to be on tour. She said there’s the next exhibition in Rock and Roll, where she’ll be honored, it’s great. It’s just great.”

Ford opened the set with “Gotta Let Go”. When she spoke to the audience, she said it was up to her, she would turn up the volume, but they had to care about the nearby inhabitants.

Weber called Ford “the goddess of heavy metals herself.” He dedicated the band’s last song to Mercy Health and the first responder who made it possible to overcome the pandemic.

“This is a rock and roll party. We are here to celebrate life and get back to normal as much as possible,” he said.

The plan began about two months ago, when it became clear that the Lorain County Public Health Public Clinic had reached people in need of the vaccine, said Marc Adams, Deputy Health Commissioner for Lorain County. It was.

Public health officials have begun to consider other ways to reach out to people. Adams admitted that Cleveland television reporter Monica Robins, who specializes in medical reporting and sings in two bands, and health commissioner Dave Kobel brainstormed the idea.

“Everything about it was positive,” Adams said.

By the way, this night wasn’t the first time a Lorain County public health nurse had an injection outdoors. According to Adams, they shot outdoors at the Juneteenth celebrations in Lorraine and at other times.

At the beginning of July 21, Kobel met with a group of mayors and managers, said Mayor Lorraine Jack Bradley.

“He again emphasized how important it is to get vaccinated, and even those who were vaccinated and contacted COVID — and there are about 30 cases in Lorain County where it happened — Their symptoms were mild, “Bradley said. “Not only does it help avoid the outbreak of COVID, but if you get infected with COVID for any reason, the symptoms are less serious.”

The mayor and his staff distributed gift cards with gratitude.

One of the purposes of funding the Federal American Rescue Program is to promote vaccination, Bradley said. The city is using federal money, especially not from Lorraine taxpayers.

According to Bradley, children appear to have mild symptoms of COVID-19, but adults may be vaccinated to protect them from what they can prevent when they return to school, especially in the fall. It is important.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), a minority leader in the US Senate, has advocated vaccination of people, Bradley said.

“I think this is a great community event,” Bradley said. “Welcome people from all over Ohio. You don’t have to come from Lorain to get a gift card because it’s federal money. Thank you for being vaccinated. It’s all of our money to distribute to people for. “

Bradley said he was grateful to Bob Earley, co-founder of Rockin’on the River, for performing the show. Mercy Health and Lorain County Public Health are great partners and hope to join the project in the future, Bradley said.

Rock singer Lita Ford will hold a Vaxxin’on the River concert on July 21, 2021 at Lorraine’s Black River Landing. People were admitted free of charge and could receive a $ 10 gift card or an injection on the spot to show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination.

Rock fans come to Vaxxin’on the River

Source link Rock fans come to Vaxxin’on the River

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