Rutgers’ slow comeback beats Ohio

Piscataway, NJ — Rutgers defeated 16 Ohio State University 66-64 in the Big Ten Men’s Basketball match last Saturday after the Michigan State University exploded.

The Birth led 64-56 with 3:48 remaining in the game, but Rutgers counterattacked to tie it in just over a minute, taking the lead 66-64 and 18 seconds remaining in a free-throw pair. did. Geobaker completes the 10-0 run.

Rutgers blocked OSU’s two-shot attempt in the last four seconds of the game and waited for victory. First, Ron Harper Jr. blocked Malachi Bramham’s shot out of bounds and played with 3.6 seconds remaining. Later, a three-point attempt from Justin Aalen’s corner was partially blocked by Baker.

Baker scored 25 points and had 6 assists to lead Rutgers (14-9, 8-5 Big Ten). Clifford Ormoruyi added 13 points and Paul Mulcahy scored 12 points.

Bramham’s 19 points led Ohio State University (14-6, 7-4 Big Ten). EJ Liddell scored 16 points and Zedkey scored 10 points and 12 rebounds.

Rutgers took the edge 32-31 in half-time. There were 10 lead changes in the first half. The Ohio State University’s eight-point lead was the biggest lead for both teams.

Ohio led a significant amount in the second half before Rutgers dominated the last three and a half minutes. OSU won four of the last five games before losing on Wednesday night. You have won 10 of the 13 games you have played against Rutgers.

The Ohio State University will play in Michigan on Saturday at 6 pm in the next match.

The Ohio State University forward EJ Liddell (32) shoots Rutgers forward Ron Harper Jr. (24) and Center Clifford Omorui (11) in the first half of the Big Ten Game on Wednesday night in Piscataway, NJ.

8 points of lead evaporates later in the game

Rutgers’ slow comeback beats Ohio

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