Ryan Crouser breaks shot put and sets world record at US Olympic trial

The 31-year-old world record was broken when he learned that the first American athletics Olympic athlete was heading to Tokyo on Friday night.

Eugene, Oregon — The record was older than him.

When Ryan Crouser broke it, “it felt like a huge weight was lifted.”

A 28-year-old woman who made a training ring at her home in Arkansas and stayed there during a coronavirus pandemic broke the shot put world record set two and a half years before her birth on Friday night. ..

On the first day of the US Olympic Trial, he lifted a huge 76-foot, 8 1/4 inch (23.37 meter) medal ball, put his name on the record book, and hit a ticket to Tokyo. There he has a chance to defend. His Olympic title next month.

As he always imagined.

“Throwing a six-pound shot behind junior high school, throwing it yourself, letting go of it and holding your hand over your head often resulted in something like” Oh, a new world record! ” “The above. “Since 2017, I knew there was or could be done.”

Almost everyone in this tightly-knit pitcher group knew that the 75-101 / 4 (23.12) record held by Randy Barnes since May 20, 1990 was at stake. .. Earlier this year, Closer broke the Burns indoor record. Early on Friday, during qualifying, Closer set a record for the American Olympic trial by raising 75-2 1/2 (22.92).

Krauser felt so good in the qualifying round that he thought he could set a world record on the spot. It was his shoes that prevented him from doing that. He brought a new Nike pair to Eugene for a trial, but he chose a more broken pair because the newly modified Hayward Field shot put ring was “fast.”

“But if you break the world record, they will put on your shoes,” Clauser said of World Athletics, which tests all the shoes involved in the record. “I don’t know. If I set a world record in qualifying, I wouldn’t have shoes for the final.” You need to bring in a (new) Nike. “

So the record was kept — but only a few hours left.

Even before the fourth of the six attempts on a calm and sunny night fell into the soil, Closer was raising his arms to celebrate. When the shot landed, it came from a stand filled with a quarter of the group’s gasping, far beyond where it was otherwise marked.

About 30 minutes passed while the authorities were checking the distance. When Mark appeared on the board, he was attacked by his competitors near the ring, making sure he broke one of the longest-established records in the book.

Growing up in Oregon, Closer attended a university in Texas and is now a volunteer coach at Arkansas. “I think I was celebrating it just before it left my hands.”

Among those who congratulated him were world champion Joe Kovacs, who finished second, and Peyton Otterdar, who finished third.

“There are three or four people who can do that,” Kovacs said. “Fireworks are set off in Tokyo. I’m talking about breaking records every year, but I think there’s more to come.”

Minutes after his record, Closer was proudly posing in the field. Photo: He stands next to the scoreboard with his thumbs up, and the word “world record” is highlighted in green on the board next to the new record.

Shot putters make themselves a master of part-time physics. They want to spend hours analyzing throws from multiple angles and even a few centimeters away.

Regarding his greatest slow dynamics in history, Closer said: I didn’t force it. And I knew that if I did it well, the throw would work, so I didn’t do anything to ruin it from there. “

Clauser, who finished second only to Kovacs at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, did not miss a day of training in 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic stopping things around the world. did. He made a homemade shot put ring made of two plywood and screws from The Home Depot.

On the first day of the trial, there was also a powerful first match between world 800-meter champion Donavan Brazier and sprinter Shakari Richardson. He chose orange as his hair color for the day and set the fastest time of 100 meters (10.84 seconds). .. The high jump Vashti Cunningham (former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham’s daughter) set a tournament record with a 229-8 (70.01) throw in the finals and qualifying for discus player Valarie Allman.

In another final of the night, Woody Kincaid sprinted his final stretch to beat Grant Fisher and win 10,000 meters. Both will run for the Bowerman Track Club. Kincaid ended at 27: 53.62. Joke Krecker was third.

All received a second bill to Crouser.

He cannot be overlooked in athletics. 320 pounds burns about 5,000 calories per day to maintain a weight of 6-7 frames. His meal consists of two large breakfast burritos in the morning, a pound of ground beef for lunch, and three of four parts from the evening meal delivery service.

So what does the newly created world record holder do for dinner? Well, it was thought that the options would be limited at midnight when he would get out of the track.

“I’ll probably go somewhere big and old double-double burgers,” he said.

Ryan Crouser breaks shot put and sets world record at US Olympic trial

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