Sania Mirza talks about her 2021 tennis season

Vishesh Roy New Delhi [India], September 15th (ANI): Ace Indian tennis star Sania Mirza finds it very difficult to be a mother and a professional athlete, but in the end she is happy. She also believes that “the sky is the limit” if you put their hearts and souls into the dreams they have.

In his interaction with ANI, Sania revealed her hopes for how she sees her run in 2021, Ankita Linea, and next year’s tennis season.

“Being a mother and a professional athlete is very rewarding, but I think it’s very satisfying. It took a lot of effort to get into this position of competing at the highest level. I don’t care much about denialists, but I want them. To tell a young woman who wants to be a mother or wants to be a mother that nothing can stop you if you care about it. “Sania said.

“If you work hard, the sky is the limit. Don’t try to kill your dreams just because you have a baby. You can chase your dreams and become a wonderful mother,” she added.

Sania, along with Ankita Rina, described the 2021 campaign to represent India at the Tokyo Olympics: I’m glad I played only 5 or 6 tournaments this year. At least it’s more momentum than last year and I hope we can further develop the finals we played in Cleveland a few weeks ago. “The Olympics are always special. It’s always incredible to represent your country. It’s something I’ve done for many years and I’m very honored and grateful to be able to do it. This time a little It wasn’t. Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and rules, playing for the country was my greatest honor, “she added.

The 34-year-old may have played only two Grand Slams in 2021, but now that he has the momentum, he plans to play all four next year.

“It’s a long way from next year, but I’m planning to play next year. I was able to play in two Grand Slams this year and everything was difficult, including traveling. I want to play with more momentum next year. This year will be another few weeks, preferably all Grand Slams. “

Talking about Ankita Rina, Sania has only good things to say about the player and expects the 28-year-old to grow it soon.

“Ankita is a better person than all the girls in the country. She is much better than them. At least at small events, she regularly participates in the WTA. She is herself. I know what I need to do. She’s a very disciplined girl and she works hard. I think that’s her greatest strength, “Sania said.

“But she’s 28 years old. I hope she’ll make a big jump soon. She’s an exciting tennis player and I hope the baton will be handed over soon,” she added.

When asked about the importance of valuing mental health in an unprecedented era, Sania said, “Mental health is as important as physical health. I’ve always said that it’s stressful. I’m happy. It’s not taboo to have mental weakness or mental problems. “” Mental health needs to be as important as physical health. Especially as athletes, we are Naomi Osaka. When someone like you takes a step forward and talks, people all over the world are aware, and I’m glad that everyone is finally talking, and the number of athletes is increasing. The kind of pressure they are facing when they come out. It doesn’t have to be okay, “she signed off. (ANI)

Sania Mirza talks about her 2021 tennis season

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