Sarah Dash, co-founder of the label known as “Lady Marmalade,” dies

Patti Labelle wrote that she and her ex-bandmate Dash just played together on Saturday, “it was a very powerful and special moment.”

Washington — Singer Sarah Dash, who co-founded the all-female song group Labelle with Patti LaBelle and Nona Hendryx, has passed away. She was 76 years old.

This group was best known for the 1974 noisy hit “Lady Marmalade”.

Labelle and Hendryx announced the death of their bandmates on social media on Monday night. The cause of death has not been clarified.

In the tweet, the label wrote that she and Dash just had Play together Saturday, and “It was a very powerful and special moment!”

“Sarah Dash was a wonderfully talented, beautiful and loving soul who blessed my life and the lives of many others in more ways than I can say.” Tweeted. “And I could always expect her to have my back!”

“I don’t have enough words, so I use a little,” Hendrix wrote in an Instagram post. “We spoke a musical language, music says it best. Singing brought us together, you, me, and you, me, Cindy and Pat; Blue Beres. You and Pat Was singing so much fun the other day, we talked on Saturday and sent a text message, now you’re gone, I can’t believe it. ”

Dash originally started with the group of The Ordettes, then morphed to The Bluebells and then to Patti LaBelle and Bluebelles. In the early 1970s, they shortened it to Labelle, changed their outfits, turned to funk, and all three members sang lead and background.

La Belle’s 1974 hit “Lady Marmalade” topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts at the time of her debut. When re-recorded for Christina Aguilera’s “Moulin Rouge!” Soundtrack, it returned to the top of the charts again in the 2000s. , Lil Kim, Maia, Pink.

Labelle was disbanded in 1976. Originally from New Jersey, Dash continued to perform as a solo singer, releasing several albums over the years. She wrote music with Keith Richards and toured with the Rolling Stones.

Patti LaBelle concludes her tribute to her bandmates by saying, “Resting with the power of your beloved sister. I love you all the time!”

Mayor Reed Gusiola of Trenton, NJ, also shared the town’s “Legend of the Residents” and news that the first music ambassador had died.

“Our motto,” Trenton Makes, the World Takes, “lived with Sarah. Sarah made beautiful music refined by her lifelong experience and numerous contributions to the arts and community. The world takes timeless inspiration. A woman who touched the highest peak of stardom and never forgot where she came from. ” Gusiola wrote on Facebook..

Today I mourn the city of Trenton and the community of fans around the world. The legend of our inhabitants and the first of Trenton …

Contributor Mayor of Trenton Reed Gusiola on Monday, September 20, 2021

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Sarah Dash, co-founder of the label known as “Lady Marmalade,” dies

Source link Sarah Dash, co-founder of the label known as “Lady Marmalade,” dies

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