Save money by choosing the perfect rewards program

You may feel that your customer loyalty program is right after your email address or other personal information. That said, many of the programs offered by major pharmacies can actually save you money.

As originally reported by AARP, here’s a breakdown of how to shop at a drugstore without breaking the bank:

CVS Pharmacy Extra Care

With nearly 10,000 locations, CVS pharmacies seem to be in every corner. With their ExtraCare Customer Rewards program, you’ll get 2% on most purchases, albeit with catches.

You cannot get cash back from the program. Rather, you can earn Extra Bucks. It can be used for most items in the store. However, the actual savings come with the pharmacy’s exclusive specials. These specials are usually time sensitive and limited to specific products, but they offer the highest value.

For additional benefits, consider joining the ExtraCareBeautyClub and ExtraCarePharmacy & HealthRewards programs. BeautyClub offers additional perks for purchasing beauty items such as cosmetics and hair care products. The pharmacy program offers $ 5 in Extra Bucks each time 10 prescriptions are met or immunized in the store.

If you want to become a premium member, join CarePass for $ 5 / month or $ 48 / year to get $ 10 / month, 20% off CVS Health branded products, free shipping, and free prescription shopping on the day.

AARP proposes a CVS ExtraCare program for coupon clippers who are willing to search for weekly transactions to get the most out of ExtraBucks. Signing up for ExtraCare is free and you can sign up using the store, online, or the CVS app.

Rite Aid reward

If the location is less than 2,500, the probability that a Rite Aid store will be in the block is significantly lower. However, AARP states that digitally savvy customers can get the most out of their rewards program.

Award members can earn 10 points for every $ 1 paid for eligible products, 250 points for some over-the-counter vaccinations, 250 points for prescriptions within 30 days, and 750 points for long-term prescriptions. increase. Members over the age of 65 can earn 5 times more reward points on the first Wednesday of every month.

These points can be converted to Bonus Cash for purchase, but there are pitfalls. To convert points, you need to log in to your digital account from your online profile. This is also the only way to access special limited-time transactions in the Rewards program.

To get the most out of this service, be aware of whether you can combine monthly (in-store) and weekly (online) transactions to achieve significant savings. Rite Aid also offers Bonus Cash Challenges. This is an additional rewards program that issues personalized challenges to customers each month to earn greater point rewards.


Sign up for Walgreens’ My Walgreens Rewards Program in-store, online, or in the store’s app to access the service in any of 9,000 locations in the chain. Rewards members earn only 1% Walgreens Cash on their purchases, but also receive a 5% return on Walgreens branded products.

Make the most of My Walgreens members over 55 years old. The pharmacy holds Senior Day on the first Tuesday of every month, giving seniors an additional 20% discount on all purchases. AARP members can get not only this discount, but also larger cash rewards.

Deals and coupons can be found on the store’s website. You also have the opportunity to earn additional Walgreens Cash on certain purchases. To get the most out of your membership, consider joining the MyWalgreens Health Goals program. In this program, you will receive Walgreens Cash when you complete weekly fitness-related challenges. MyWalgreens credit cards also increase your profits to 5% with Walgreens cashback for purchased items and 10% for Walgreens branded products. If you want to redeem your chain paper coupons, we encourage you to join Register Rewards to get in-store discounts.

AARP proposes the My Walgreens Rewards Program for physically active customers interested in participating in the Health Goal Program.

With nearly 10,000 locations, CVS pharmacies seem to be in every corner. With their ExtraCare Customer Rewards program, you’ll get 2% on most purchases, albeit with catches.

Save money by choosing the perfect rewards program

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