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“Schitt’s Creek” motel on the market for $ 1.58 million

(NEXSTAR) – If you dream of living in the cheerful and fictional world of the award-winning Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek, here’s your chance.

At the show, the Rose Family motel home in “Schitt’s Creek,” called the Rosebud Motel, is for sale in Ontario, Canada. (Note: At the time of shooting, only the appearance of the motel was used.)

The 10-room property is located on 6.7 acres of nature, including the picturesque Nottawasaga River (“a highly desirable fishing river for rainbow trout and salmon”). list..

In real life, this property, called Hock Lee Motel, isn’t currently in operation and requires a “capital injection” in the guest room, but with a little love, it can operate as depicted in the CBC series. I will.

New York, NY – January 17: Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy, and Catherine O’Hara attend “Schitt’s Creek” screening and conversation on January 17, 2020 in New York City, New York City. To do. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images)

Just an hour and a half from Toronto, the motel is an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Recently, the motel has become the centerpiece of the “Schitt’s Creek” fandom, following the 2015 premiere of the show starring Dan and Eugene Levy.

The current owner, Jesse Tipping, Oranville Banner In September, fans around the world drove to the Orangeville motel for a glimpse of the famous façade.

“If they don’t bother anyone, people really enjoy it, so we just let them enjoy it,” Tipping said. “They are always very happy to see the place.”

“Schitt’s Creek” completely swept the 2020 Emmy Awards, the show won an outstanding comedy series, and the cast won awards in all four acting categories.

“Schitt’s Creek” motel on the market for $ 1.58 million

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