School-based health center mobilizes for Ohio

Columbus, Ohio-Children’s Advocacy Group School-based health center A valuable investment for Ohio children.

Executive Director of Tracy Najera, Children’s Defense Fund-OhioHe said that being able to meet medical needs at school gives children and families a “medical home” for primary care and other services. She said that the physical and mental health of a child is the basis for success in school and life.

“Especially during this pandemic, children and families are struggling and really suffering,” she said. “Behavioral and health problems have reached critical levels, and in general many children are not visited by healthy children.”

Ohio has at least $ 3 billion in recovery from unallocated U.S. Rescue Planning Act, Ohio Children’s Budget Union Wants The Governor’s Office will invest $ 25 million annually over a two-year period to help school districts in the state expand or establish school-based health programs. Najera said the investment could fund 15 to 30 projects.

According to Najera, the convenience of a school-based health center not only improves access to care, but also reduces absenteeism.

“It’s one less work day for parents to miss and one less school day for their children to go missing,” she said. “So it makes a lot of sense to really bring service where the kids are.”

Najera added that the center is part of the “Whole Children” agenda being promoted by the Ohio Children’s Budget Union.

“Children need food, they need housing, they need education, they need medical care. To really prosper and prosper, they need all of this,” she said. “Children shouldn’t fall apart, and so shouldn’t our budget and policy decisions.”

New American Academy of Pediatrics Report He said the number of school-based health centers has more than doubled in the United States since 1998. There are more than 60 schools in Ohio.

Source: Ohio News Connection

School-based health center mobilizes for Ohio

Source link School-based health center mobilizes for Ohio

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