Sean Diddy Combs' son Christian Combs charged with sexual assault

LOS ANGELES — Sean “Diddy” Combs; Target of federal sex trafficking investigationhas been named as a defendant in a new lawsuit alleging that his son sexually assaulted a woman while working on a yacht the music mogul chartered for a trip in late 2022.

This allegation is the latest Wave of lawsuits accusing Combs, 54, for engaging in sexual assault, sex trafficking, and other criminal activity. He denied all allegations as disgusting.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Grace O'Markey alleges that Christian Combs, 26, was killed in late December 2022 while working on a boat charter “sold as a wholesome family vacation.” ) alleges that she was sexually assaulted. It has turned into a “hedonistic environment''.

The alleged assault occurred just days before Sean Combs hosted a New Year's Eve yacht party that drew a large crowd. celebrity guests.

Christian Combs is accused in the lawsuit of sexual assault, sexual harassment and infliction of emotional distress. Sean Combs is being sued for his property liability as the person who chartered the yacht and for aiding and abetting his son in the alleged assault.

Representatives for Christian Combs and Sean Combs did not immediately respond to requests for comment Thursday night. Sean Combs has denied all recent allegations against him.

Tyrone Blackburn, an attorney representing O'Murkey, said Thursday night after the suit was filed that he was “like a father and like a son,” adding, “He's like Christian Combs, who clearly adopted his father's pattern. “I feel no pleasure or pleasure in filing this lawsuit.” and practices of depravity. ”

At the yacht studio

O'Markey alleges in her lawsuit that Christian Combs drugged her and sexually assaulted her.She included a transcription of the audio clip What she says is evidence that she is rejecting his advances as he gropes her. The complaint states the clip was recorded by a producer in a studio.

Omarkai, who was 25 years old at the time of the alleged assault, worked as a steward providing dinner and drinks service on the yacht from 6pm to 6am, and was involved in a “constant rotation of suspected sex workers” and “a constant rotation of suspected sex workers”. A regular rotation of people was witnessing partying and drug use. Celebrity, suit state. She also said in the complaint that she suspected the alcohol bottle was laced with drugs because the woman started falling, panicking, and passing out after just one drink. She also claims that she had doubts.

According to the complaint, on or about Dec. 28, 2022, Omarkai was informed that Christian Combs was attending a party to record with music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones at a makeshift studio on a yacht.

According to the complaint, Christian Combs was staying at a vacation home on the beach, but would often join his father at night. The woman's complaint alleges that the man arrived in an “intoxicated state” and gave her inappropriate attention.

According to the complaint, Christian then pressured Omarkai into giving him a shot of tequila, which he believed he had brought on the plane.

Omarkai says in her lawsuit that after she got the shot, Christian Combs became aggressive and insisted she drink more alcohol.

Omarkai became frightened and began to feel the effects of the tequila, and “immediately suspected” the tequila had been spiked, the suit says.

The complaint says the situation “escalated” as Christian Combs groped Omalkay's legs, breasts, anus and vagina. The complaint details audio recordings in which O'Markey cuts down on alcohol, tells her he needs to leave, and then asks Christian Combs to touch her, with the sounds of her kissing in the background. He said he heard him telling him to stop.

The audio was recorded by producer Jones, who was in the studio during the alleged assault and also claimed in his own testimony. He claims he was asked to record Sean Combs 'all the time' in lawsuit And there were hours of footage of the music mogul and his staff allegedly involved in criminal activity.

NBC News has heard two audio clips transcribed in the lawsuit that are said to be from the night of Dec. 28, 2022, but have not confirmed who recorded them.

“Sorry, please don't touch my feet like that. I'll move my feet wherever I want,” Omarkai can be heard saying in the recording detailed in the suit. “If I want to do this, I will. Don't touch my feet like that.”

“Listen, you and your crew,” Christian Combs is said to have replied.

“I can't do it. I have no choice but to get off,” Omarkai said. “You have to stand down.”

Christian Combs insists that Omarkai stay with him, and she complies. The complaint, citing audio recordings, says she could not do so unless she made the request to the crew leader.

O'Markey responded in this way because he knew the “authorities” who could approve the application were asleep and Christian Combs could not contact them, the suit says.

“Who do I tell?” Christian Combs said, according to the complaint. “I'm just going to tell you I asked you to do it.”

“Well, first get your hands off my ass,” Omakai replied.

Omarkai then resumed her duties once she was able to leave the studio and attempted to terminate her employment, the lawsuit states. Christian Combs reportedly found her right away and insisted she find a place to sleep.

She led him to the yacht's movie theater, which was used as an additional bedroom, where he locked her, the lawsuit says.

Christian Combs allegedly began groping her and removed her clothes.

“His penis was erect and he grabbed her arm and attempted to force Plaintiff to perform oral sex on her,” the complaint states.

The complaint includes a photo of a bruise on Omalkay's forearm that it claims was caused when Christian Combs grabbed her.

Omarkai fought him off until someone else came in, according to the complaint.

Since the alleged attack

According to the complaint, the alleged assault had a profound impact not only on Omarkai's mental health but also on his professional and personal life. According to the complaint, Omulkey complained to the yacht's captain the next day, but the captain did not believe her and failed to investigate her.

She claims the captain retaliated against her until she was fired in May 2023.

According to the complaint, the woman's mental health deteriorated and she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, as well as severe suicidal thoughts. Ms Omarkai claims that her mental strain affected her physical health and that she developed an eating disorder and epileptic seizures after the assault.

She is seeking unspecified damages.

“I'm here to fight for those who can't fight for themselves, and I applaud Grace for having the courage to come forward with the truth,” attorney Rodney S. Diggs said of his client. Ta. “I hope her story inspires others to come forward.”

Complaints and investigations

O'Markey's lawsuit is the first to accuse Christian Combs of sexual assault. Since November, his father, Sean Combs, has been accused of sexual assault by four women, charges he has repeatedly denied.

one of those suits resolvedthe others are unresolved.

Jones, a producer who worked for Sean Combs from September 2022 to November 2023, said that Sean Combs sexually harassed him, pressured him to perform sexual acts, and forced him to procure sex workers. he claimed. He said he witnessed Sean Combs giving drug-laced drinks to people at parties.

Combs' lawyer said Jones' “reckless publication of his name about events that are completely fictional and did not actually occur is nothing more than a blatant attempt to garner headlines.”

Federal agents walk through the entrance to Sean “Diddy” Combs' property on March 25, 2024 in Miami Beach, Florida.Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press

On March 25, Homeland Security investigators You have searched for Sean Combs properties. in Los Angeles and Miami. A person familiar with the investigation told NBC News that the federal investigation began earlier this year and that authorities knew the layout of Combs' property before the raid.

During a search last month, federal agents found a gun and seized a cellphone as part of a warrant issued by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, law enforcement officials said. Christian Combs was taken into custody at his father's Los Angeles home last month when the Department of Homeland Security executed a search warrant, but was not arrested.

Investigators are also investigating charges of statutory rape against Sean Combs, the person said.

NBC News previously reported that at least three women and one man were questioned by federal agents on charges of sex trafficking, sexual assault, solicitation and distribution of illegal drugs and firearms.

One of Combs' attorneys, Aaron Dyer, released a statement following last month's search of his property, saying Combs was “not in custody, but has spoken with and cooperated with authorities.” He described the raid as an ambush and said a judgment was being rushed based on “false accusations made in a civil case.”

“No criminal or civil liability has been found for any of these allegations,” Dyer said. “Mr. Combs is innocent and will continue to fight every day to clear his name.” Sean Diddy Combs' son Christian Combs charged with sexual assault

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