Seante Hardin was charged with a 37-count indictment

A grand jury in Lucas County has charged Shawnte Hardin with 37 charges related to providing funeral services without a license.

Columbus, Ohio — A man accused of running an illegal funeral hall has been charged with 37 indictments in Lucas County.

According to court records, 41-year-old Shawnte Hardin was charged with eight cases of corpse abuse, six cases of unlicensed representative of a funeral director, five cases of tax filing failure, five cases of passing defect checks, and three cases. I was charged. Number of falsifications of records, 2 cases of communication fraud, 2 cases of personal information fraud, involvement in fraudulent patterns, operation of unauthorized funeral halls, failure of refrigeration of human body, possession of criminal tools, theft, unauthorized use Of each one of the vehicles.

Hardin has operated several businesses in the Lucas, Kaiyahoga, Summit and Franklin counties since at least 2019.

Trade names included Hussein Funeral Director, Life Memorial Chapel Celebration, Hardin Funeral Company, American Motually Service and Transportation, Seante Davon Hardin Service, and LLC.

On September 30, the Ohio Criminal Investigation Agency provided a search warrant, which removed two bodies from Hardin’s business.

Hardin admitted that two preservative bodies had been robbed of his business, but denied that they were kept in danger.

Hardin told 10TV that his business was created to help families by providing low-cost body transport, body cleansing, and makeup delivery.

In 2019, Hardin was charged with felony in Summit County after claiming that Hardin had never paid for the plots and tombstones he had paid. Hardin said today that the case was resolved and the family was complete.

In 2018, Toledo police investigated Hardin after reports of improperly stored bodies in the building behind the Airport Highway church surfaced. Hardin was listed as a suspect in a police report but was not charged.


Seante Hardin was charged with a 37-count indictment

Source link Seante Hardin was charged with a 37-count indictment

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