Seany Optimist Club Wins Student Award

Lima — Seany Optimist Club will be at Lima’s 3175W on Wednesday, May 5th at 12:30 pm. Meet at the Old Burnoutback on Elm Street. Keynote speaker PJ McGuire, who graduated from Seaney in 1997, will give a presentation on how to make his dreams come true.

The award is given to seniors at Seaney, Lima Central Catholic, Perry and Apollo schools. Winners include Sawyer Holbrook, Claire Elise Huff, Reed Malcolm, Sean McElderly, and Sharon McNeill of Seany High School. Lima Central Catholic Erin Markay, Catherine Siatokoski, Taylor Whisser, Nathan Story, Zoe Foster. Apollo Career Center Eden Steel, Marley Savill, Kylie Rumer, Logan Paul Schuson, Paul Logan. Perry’s Lily Floyd, Jason Dub, Camden Jacks, Gierre Thompson, Trinity Girly.

Seaney Optimist Club Student Awards: 12:30 pm, Old Burnoutback, 3175 W. Elm Street, Lima. Speaker PJ McGuire. Student award to follow.

Seany Optimist Club Wins Student Award

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