Secret service: two agents of adim.Leave after a drunken incident

Authorities said two officers were on leave.

Washington — Secret Service has two agents from South Korea President Joe Biden visits the peninsulaThe agency confirmed, following “off-duty incidents that could constitute a potential breach.”

According to multiple reportsThe agent got drunk during off-hours and was eventually involved in a quarrel with a taxi driver who reported the incident to local police.

“Secret Services is aware of off-duty incidents involving two employees who may constitute a potential policy breach,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Head of Communications for Secret Services. “Individuals will soon return to work and take leave.”

According to the secret service, police investigated only one of the agents after the incident, but there was no prosecution.

Guglielmi added that the incident “did not affect” the trip to Biden’s peninsula.

“We have very strict protocols and policies for all our employees and adhere to the highest professional standards,” he said. “We are not in a position to comment further as this is an active management personnel issue.”

The visit with South Korea’s newly elected President Yoon Sin-buchi on Friday is in favor of one of Biden’s major domestic priorities to increase the supply of computer chips.

Last year’s semiconductor shortage compromised the availability of automobiles, kitchen utensils and other commodities, increased inflation around the world and undermined Biden’s official approval among US voters.

A temporary interruption in secret service will occur approximately 10 years after 13 agents were suspected of heavy drinking and recruitment of prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, while preparing for the trip of then-President Barack Obama.

Three of these agents eventually eliminated fraud, according to a report issued by a Homeland Security Inspector General in December 2013. Six have resigned or retired, and the remaining four have been removed from work or their security clearances have been revoked.

Secret service: two agents of adim.Leave after a drunken incident

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