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Senate Avoids Shutdown and Passes Temporary Financing Bill | National News

Washington (AP) —The Senate avoids short-term closures and a temporary spending bill to fund the federal government until February 18 after leaders deny partisan conflict over federal vaccine obligations. Was passed. The bill now goes to President Joe Biden to sign the law.

At the beginning of Thursday, parliamentary leaders finally reached an agreement to keep the government running for another 11 weeks, usually at current spending levels, while adding $ 7 billion to help Afghan refugees. Announced that it was done.

When the House of Representatives voted to approve the bill, Senators announced an agreement to allow them to vote quickly.

“In the end, I’m glad that the cooler heads have taken the lead. The government remains open, avoidable, unnecessary, and costly to bring us back from the brink of closure. This chamber of commerce “Thanks to the members of the Senate,” said Chuck Schumer, DN.Y, leader of the Senate.

The Senate approved the bill with a vote of 69-28.

The Democratic-led house passed the bill with 221-212 votes. Republican leaders urged members to vote against it. The only Republican vote for the bill was from Illinois Parliamentarian Adam Kinzinger.

Lawmakers lamented short-term amendments and accused the other party of the lack of progress in this year’s spending bill. House Expenditure Commissioner Rosa DeLauro, however, said the bill would allow negotiations on a package that would cover the entire budget by September.

“Undoubtedly, the vote against this ongoing resolution is a vote to close the government,” De Lauro said during the House debate.

Prior to the vote, Biden said he had spoken to Senate leaders, downplaying the fear of a shutdown.

“Unless someone decides to be completely unstable, there is a plan, and I don’t think it will happen,” Biden said.

Some Republicans who oppose Biden’s vaccine rules say that parliament is a big business, even if it means closing federal offices over the weekend by blocking demands to facilitate final voting on spending bills. He wanted to oppose the shots mandated by his workers.

This was just the latest example of government funding brinkmanship, which has caused some costly shutdowns and partial closures over the last two decades. The longest closure in history took place under President Donald Trump — 35 until January 2019 when Democrats refused to approve money for his US-Mexico border wall. Days. Both parties agree that the suspension is irresponsible, but it rarely expires without slow scrambling to avoid it.

Republican Senator Mike Lee knew last month that several Republicans would use all means to oppose legislation that would fund or allow employers to enforce their vaccine obligations. Said that. He accused Schumer of not negotiating and ignoring their position.

If you choose to either “pause unnecessary features” or stay idle while the American is incapacitated, “I stand with an American worker every time,” Lee said. He said.

Senator Lee and Roger Marshall, R-Kan. Has created an amendment banning the spending of federal dollars to implement and enforce a series of vaccine obligations enforced by the Biden administration. The amendment was defeated with 48 votes in favor and 50 votes against. But by voting, you can quickly pick up the full amount of your spending.

Lee said millions of people have been forced to choose between unwanted medical procedures and loss of employment.

“Their work is threatened by their own government,” Lee said.

“Give employers and employees the peace of mind that they still have work this year,” Marshall urged before voting.

Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash, argued that the federal government should use all tools to keep Americans safe. Please come to work.

“No one wants to go to work and don’t worry they may come back to their family with a deadly virus,” Murray said.

The White House sees vaccination as the fastest way to end the still-evolving pandemic that killed more than 780,000 people in the United States, as seen on Wednesday. First detected case in the country A nasty new variant.

The court opposed obligations, including: This week’s ruling Prevent enforcement of requirements for some healthcare professionals.

For some Republicans, the potentially destructive closure proceedings and lawmakers’ fears were factors in engaging in the high stakes closure.

“One of the things I’m a little worried about is why we make ourselves the focus of public attention by creating a ghost of a government shutdown.” Republican leader John, Senator Texas.・ Cornyn said.

The government has pursued vaccine requirements for several groups of workers, but its efforts are facing a legal setback.

Federal judges have blocked the government from imposing vaccine obligations on thousands of health workers in 10 states this week. Just a while ago Federal Court of Appeals has been temporarily suspended OSHA requirements that affect employers with more than 100 workers.

The administration has also implemented policies requiring millions of federal officials and contractors, including the military, to be fully vaccinated. Those efforts are also being challenged.

Polling from Associated Press programs Americans are separated About Biden’s efforts to vaccinate workers, with Democrats overwhelmingly supporting it, while most Republicans oppose it.

Some Republicans have voted to reject the administration’s mission in a parliamentary review action scheduled for next week, apart from the funding battle, of Senator Mike Brown (R-Ind.) I like the effort.

Separately, some healthcare providers have protested temporary spending measures. The hospital says it does nothing to protect them from the Medicare payment cuts that are due to take effect in the uncertainty about new Omicron variants.


The Associated Press staff writer Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar contributed to this report.

Senate Avoids Shutdown and Passes Temporary Financing Bill | National News

Source link Senate Avoids Shutdown and Passes Temporary Financing Bill | National News

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