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Senator rules for dem immigration push

Sunday’s ruling means that the Democratic Party cannot use any of the $ 3.5 trillion packages to give immigrants a path to citizenship.

Washington — Democrats can’t use the $ 3.5 trillion package to strengthen social and climate programs for plans to give millions of migrants the opportunity to become citizens, Senator said late Sunday Said. Achieve that long-sought goal.

Decision by Elizabeth McDonald’sA nonpartisan interpreter of the Senate’s often mysterious rules is a damaging and discouraging setback for President Joe Biden, Congressional Democrats and their allies in immigration support and progressive communities. They said they would offer her fresh choices, but McDonough’s stance severely undermined their desire to unilaterally enact beyond Republican opposition, and several categories of immigrants were permanent residents and perhaps citizens. Made it possible to acquire the right.

Parliamentarians’ opinion is very important, as it means that the immigration clause could not be included in the $ 3.5 trillion enormous measure protected from Republican filibuster. Immigrant languages ​​have virtually no chance in the 50-50 Senate, as they remain vulnerable to delays in killing bills that require 60 votes in the Senate.

In a three-page memo to the Senate obtained by the Associated Press, McDonough said that under Senate rules, if the effect of the budget was “just incidental” to the impact of overall policy, such He said the bill would not allow the provisions.

Citing the drastic changes that the Democratic Party has brought to the lives of immigrants, former immigration lawyer McDonough said the term was “a broad new immigration policy by all standards.”

Rejected provisions will open the door to legal permanent residence, and perhaps citizenship, for young immigrants illegally brought into the country as children, often referred to as “dreamers.” Disasters or extreme violence; essential workers and farm workers.

Estimates vary, as many people can belong to multiple categories, but the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says 8 million people will be helped by democratic efforts. Biden initially proposed a wider drive that would affect 11 million migrants.

The Democratic Party and its immigrant-supporting allies have said they will offer at least some immigrants an alternative approach to McDonough, which opens the door to permanent status.

“We are very disappointed with this decision, but the fight to provide immigrants with a legitimate position in budget adjustments continues,” said Senate leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. Said in writing. We will hold an additional meeting with the Senator in the coming days. “

“The road to permanent residence and citizenship has a huge impact on the budget and has a lot of bipartisan support, especially for the reconstruction of the United States,” said Kelly, deputy director of the Immigration Hub, a group of immigration strategists. Talbot says. She said work would continue “to ensure that millions of undocumented migrants could receive permanent protection.”

Parliamentary ruling advances when Democratic leaders need virtually all votes in Congress to approve a $ 3.5 trillion bill for a decade embodying Biden’s national highest goals I was angry with the scholars.

Republicans have also signaled the use of immigrants as a top priority in next year’s home and Senate domination campaign, linking it to some voters’ fears of crime. This issue came to the fore in a year of encountering a huge number of immigrants trying to cross the southwestern border.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said, “Democratic leaders have never compromised border security, but have resisted a progressive foundation and refused to support the rule of law.” Said. The countermeasure was “I’m glad I failed because it was inappropriate.”

In fact, both parties have expanded their use of special budget protection over the years. Democrats used them to enact President Barack Obama’s 2010 medical law, and Republicans used them during a failed 2017 drive to abolish that law.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, a top Republican member of the Senate Budget Committee, said:

One of the alternative supporters said they were considering renewing the “registration” date that would allow some U.S. immigrants to become permanent residents by that time if certain conditions were met. Stated. However, it was unclear whether they would pursue that option or how parliamentarians would govern.

White House spokesman Vedant Patel said he was disappointed with the legislator’s decision, but the senator said he would offer new immigration ideas.

MacDonough quoted the CBO’s estimate that the Democratic proposal would increase the federal deficit by $ 140 billion over the next decade. This is primarily due to federal benefits that migrants qualify for.

But its financial implications were overshadowed by the improvements that Democratic efforts brought to the lives of migrants, McDonough wrote.

“Many undocumented people live and work behind our society for fear of deportation,” she said. Permanent legal status gives them “freedom to work, travel, openly live in our society in any state of the country, and reunite with their families, which applies to them for citizenship. Will qualify you to do. There is no equivalent to federal finance. “

It is “a tremendous and lasting policy change that reduces the impact on the budget,” she wrote.

Democrats and a small number of GOP allies have stopped moving towards legislation that will help millions of immigrants gain permanent legal status in the United States over the past two decades.

The House of Representatives approved individual bills to achieve many of them this year, but the Senate did not go anywhere because of Republican filibuster.

Overall, the $ 3.5 trillion bill will boost spending on social safety nets, the environment and other programs, and will cover most of the initiative with tax increases for high net worth individuals and businesses.

Progressive and moderate Democrats are vying for bill price tags and details. The leader cannot lose Democratic votes in the 50-50 Senate and cannot exceed three votes in the House of Representatives.

McDonough was appointed in 2012 when the Democratic Party ruled the House of Representatives and is respected as a fair arbitrator of Senate rules.

Earlier this year, one of her rulings forced Democrats to remove the minimum wage increase from the COVID-19 bailout bill, killing another top priority.

Associated Press correspondent Lisa Mascaro and AP writer Alexandra Jaffe contributed to this report.

Senator rules for dem immigration push

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